Profiles in Data Science: Mike Driscoll

Current position: CEO and Co-founder, Metamarkets and Founder and Chairman, Dataspora

Bio:  A “data utopian,” engaged in the “coal mining of the information age,” Driscoll is a serial entrepreneur who has built data platforms in life sciences, online retail, and digital media. He began his career as a software engineer for Human Genome Project, and later founded Dataspora, delivering data science to telcos, insurance firms, and retail banks. Metamarkets delivers predictive analytics to online publishers, helping them use their data to increase revenue, improve user engagement, and avoid operational surprises. Driscoll got his Ph.D. in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology in 2007 from Boston University.

Quotable quote:  “Clean coal mining may be a fantasy, but clean data mining may yet be.”

Papers/presentations/posts/interviews:  The data science debate: domain expertise or machine learning?; ETL: the coal mining of the information age; The three sexy skills of data geeks; In an age of predictive analytics, data scientists help bridge the gap; Building Data Startups

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