Big Data Quotes of the Week: December 8, 2012

ray_wang“There are a number of new business models emerging in the big data world. In my research, I see three main approaches standing out. The first focuses on using data to create differentiated offerings. The second involves brokering this information. The third is about building networks to deliver data where it’s needed, when it’s needed.”—R “Ray” Wang, Constellation Research

“Big Data is essentially a rebranding of ‘normal’ data. There is largely nothing new in the data available itself, but with the evolution of computer processing and storage subsystems it has become possible to not only store & interface with the entire data set, but increasingly take advantage of it in real-time”–Boris Mouzykantskii, Iponweb

“We have a lot of analytics talent on staff already, but getting high-end analysts with big data experience is that much harder”–Brian Courtney, GE Intelligent Platforms

“What we need are people who have that core technical skill set … but on top of that, you need that creative ability to have a conversation with the data … and actually be able to communicate the results”–Srinidhi Melkote, Wyndham Exchange and Rentals

“Building a culture around data is very different from the culture virtually all state and federal agencies and commercial sector business have today, quite frankly. It doesn’t matter if you get the best data scientists in a room; if no one across the organization knows what to do with the data, the insight they come up with doesn’t matter. Data is a business issue, not an IT issue”–Micheline Casey, principal at CDO, LLC and former chief data officer for the State of Colorado

“Today, it is very safe to say LinkedIn knows more about most companies’ employees than their employers themselves”–Jason Corsello is Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy for Cornerstone OnDemand

“Mainstream coverage of big data means it is probably in for a wild ride over the next year, as people start looking over their shoulders and talk about conspiracy theories at the water cooler”–Tim McElligott, FierceBigData

“Like death and taxes, weather is a certainty. And, thanks to big data, it’s now a more predictable certainty”–John Edwards

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