Big Data Quotes of the Week, December 15, 2012

YoungSohn“We make really great devices but actually if you think of our future, it’s in answering the question of how we put it all together and how we manage the data that’s coming out of these devices and encourage the innovation ecosystem for our platforms”–Young Sohn, Samsung


“We could have gotten started a lot earlier. We simply weren’t stepping back and looking at how to use the data”–Brad Smith, Intuit

“[In 2013] the big data bubble will begin to spring some serious leaks”–Bill Franks, Teradata

“Ever more powerful information technology now allows consumers to carry gigabytes in their pockets and businesses to organise and analyse data on a scale never seen before. People’s willingness to use the new electronic tools to communicate and share information about themselves means that even the most advanced companies are only scratching the surface of the behavioural patterns these troves of data can potentially reveal”–Financial Times


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