New Scientist on Big Data (Infographic)


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3 Responses to New Scientist on Big Data (Infographic)

  1. Scott says:

    That change in video game consoles is pretty fascinating. Human-computer interfaces are a source of information generation and a conceivable measurement of relevance. If game console info generation is waning that could be a leading indicator of the long-term lack of relevance of game consoles. Or maybe I’m over-assigning value to data with these devices.

  2. I shared it on my Group in the BioMed specialties.

    Thank you for edifying us.

  3. Chris Molloy says:

    Big Data offers up huge opportunties for Big Science but also some grand challenges. How do we analyse and consume such multidomain data. If Big Data can be linked to drive Big Collaboration we have a better chance of seeing the value. My collegue Prof Yike Guo wrote a great piece in Scientific Computing about just this

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