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A New Search Engine is a new online search engine with an innovative interface design and user experience. Read more

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I’ve Got the Last Word on the Future of Statistics

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Predicting Response to Cancer Treatments

OncoHost is developing the first of its kind Host Response Profiling platform for predicting responsiveness to cancer therapies. Read more

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How to Succeed in the Future of Work?

Verbit’s technology foundation, its global community of freelancers, and its mass customization strategy are the three features of Verbit’s future of work model. Read more

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SoftBank Invests in OurCrowd

SoftBank Vision Fund 2 will invest $25 million in OurCrowd, a global venture investing platform serving both institutions and individual accredited investors. Read more

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The State-of-Data, September 2021

“We have had an epidemic of modeling in this country. Right now we need a lot more humility”—Michael T. Osterholm Read more

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The Extreme-Risk-Takers Driving Innovation

Angel investors are the consistent, reliable, patient—and hidden—catalysts of the U.S. economy. Read more

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The Impact of AI and Quantum Computing on Drug Discovery

AI and quantum computing could transform drug discovery to make it faster, easier, and cheaper. Read more

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Managing Data Overload in Healthcare

Navina AI helps physicians manage the healthcare data overload and provide better patient care. Read more

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Improving Healthcare AI by Fixing Data Quality

Centaur Labs harnesses collective human intelligence to improve the quality of medical data used by AI systems in healthcare applications. Read more

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