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Generative AI and the Future of Work

Generative AI is bringing back the anxiety about jobs, especially the creative kind of jobs. Read more

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Seeing Generative AI

D-ID is developing the technological foundation for the next TikTok. Read more

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A Mirror with a Memory

On March 5th, 1839, Samuel F. B. Morse and Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre met in Daguerre’s studio, in Paris, France.  Read more

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A New Online Community for University Students

Kempus is an online community where students can connect and share course reviews anonymously. Read more

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AI Drives Shopping Carts

Shopic’s AI can identify every item placed in the shopping cart and detects when an item is added or removed from the cart with 99.4% accuracy. Read more

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Quantum Motion Bets on Silicon

Quantum computing continues to be one of the few hot spots in the venture capital landscape. Read more

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Turing Saw the Future of Computing

It’s all about data. Read more

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What to Do About ChatGPT FOMO?

Are enterprises ready for generative AI, or any type of AI? Read more

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To Marry or Not to Marry

That is the question Read more

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Announcing This Day In Data, AI, and Learning

Subscribe for free for daily morsels from the past, present, and future of data, information, modern computing (so-called “artificial intelligence”), and knowledge acquisition and transmission. Read more

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