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Algae Rule!

Israeli startup discovered an innovative way to reduce the cost of producing cultured meat and seafood, solving the key challenge to its production at scale. Read more

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Saving the Bees with AI and Robotics

Beewise delivers beekeeping at scale with Beehome, a newly invented beehive using precision robotics, computer vision and AI to help beekeepers fight the alarming decline in the global bee population. Read more

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New Funding for Precision Oncology Platform

OncoHost raises $35 million to further develop and test its precision oncology platform, combining proprietary bioinformatics, signal processing, and machine learning. Read more

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My First Venture in Data and its Analysis

Discovering the benefits of digitization and the data it produces in a 1980 Israeli supermarket. Read more

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Timeline of Modern Computing

Key milestones in the journey from ENIAC to Tesla, from Data Processing to Big Data. Read more

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Northeastern University Launches The Institute For Experiential AI

Aiming to answer these questions, Northeastern University launched earlier this month a new research center, the Institute for Experiential AI. It is a part of the Roux Institute in Portland, Maine, established by Northeastern two years ago with a $100 million grant from … Continue reading

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The State of Quantum Computing

 World Quantum Day is celebrated on April 14th, Read more

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A New History of Modern Computing

A New History of Modern Computing by Thomas Haigh and Paul E. Ceruzzi is a must-read for investors, entrepreneurs, executives, and anyone interested in understanding the technology that is embedded in the lives of most of the world’s population. Read more

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The State of AI in Healthcare

The impact of artificial intelligence on the healthcare sector in the first quarter of 2022. Read more

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Healthcare Data and AI in 2022

We can be quite sure that the amount of healthcare data in the world will grow significantly in 2022. Read more

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