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The Future After the First Telephone Call

The future envisioned after the first phone conversation 145 years ago Continue reading

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Startups Continue to Hire During the Pandemic

Jerusalem-based venture investing platform OurCrowd released the first installment of the quarterly OurCrowd Jobs Index showing that the number of open positions listed by OurCrowd’s portfolio companies rose from 350 in June 2020 to 912 in December 2020. The startups surveyed by … Continue reading

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Data will Continue to Eat the World in 2021

54 predictions about the state of data, AI, and ML in the near future Continue reading

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Data is Eating the World

From fueling the recent success of “artificial intelligence” (AI) and the rise of “digital transformation” to its accelerated growth due to Covid-19 to new approaches to its “monetization” to how it makes businesses and consumers both anxious and animated, data dominates our deeds, debates, and dreams. Continue reading

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AI, Immunotherapy, and Precision Medicine

Tel-Aviv-based Nucleai is developing AI software for image analysis and modeling of pathology data to assist in the development of more effective drugs. Read more

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A New Player in the Cloud Data Warehouse Market

Firebolt has raised $37 million to further develop and sell a new cloud data warehouse experience. Continue reading

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Controlling Quantum Computing with Quantum Machines

Quantum Machines develops the cloud infrastructure for quantum computing. Continue reading

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A New Fintech Platform

Startup foundry and VC Team8 launched Team8 Fintech to identify, fund, and grow future fintech unicorns. Continue reading

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Salaries of Data Scientists

Covid-19 hasn’t stopped the rise of data science: A new Burtch Works survey found that the median base salaries for data scientists range from $95,500 to $300,000. Read more

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Baidu: Quantum Computing

Baidu is on a quest to marry quantum computing with machine learning and AI Continue reading

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