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Alan Turing is the New Face of UK’s £50 Note

Alan Turing is the face of the U.K.'s new fifty-pound note. Here's what you need to know #Turing50 — TicToc by Bloomberg (@tictoc) July 15, 2019 See also Alan Turing Predicts Machine Learning And The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence … Continue reading

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AI History In Pictures: John McCarthy Playing Chess with a Mainframe Computer

John McCarthy used an improved version of the Kotok program to play correspondence chess against a Soviet program developed at the Moscow Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP) by George Adelson-Velsky and others. In 1967, a four-game match played … Continue reading

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The Evolution of AI and the Technologies Accelerating it Today

Source: Tracxn See also A Very Short History of AI

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Timeline of AI and Robotics

Source: PwC

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A Very Short History of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

1308                                  Catalan poet and theologian Ramon Llull publishes Ars generalis ultima (The Ultimate General Art), further perfecting his method of using paper-based mechanical means to create new knowledge from combinations of concepts.  The nine most fundamental principles of the … Continue reading

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