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Bill Franks on Big Data = Who Cares???!!! (Video)

“Data doesn’t lead you to a business problem… Your business problem leads you to the right data!” Bill Franks, chief analytics officer at Teradata, discusses the importance of making data add value in the enterprise. Collecting petabytes of data isn’t … Continue reading

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Keeping Up With The Quants May Prevent the Next Big Data Crisis

Keeping Up with the Quants: Your Guide to Understanding and Using Analytics, by Thomas H. Davenport and Jinho Kim, is an accessible and timely introduction to the data mining work of quantitative analysts. Aimed primarily at a business audience, it was … Continue reading

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Bill Bratton on Predicitive Policing, Homeland and Hometown Security

“In preventing terrorism, as in preventing crime, the secret is data, the intelligence that you make out of it and how you use that intelligence,” Bill Bratton told the audience at the CEB TowerGroup Financial Services Technology Conference in Boston. Bratton, the … Continue reading

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Big Data Commentary Roundup

Katie Baker in Grantland: “After spending two days and nights [at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference] talking and thinking and hearing about data visualization and correlation coefficients and Big Data… and things like ‘Dequantizing the Player Draft Using Extreme … Continue reading

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Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro on Big Data and Analytics (Slides)

An overview of analytics, data mining, and data science education in the era of Big Data: Analytics, data mining, data science – What do we call it? Big data trends Jobs and skills Analytics education overview Source: KDnuggets

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Asking Good Questions is What Will Make Big Data Work for You

Asking good questions as the key to unleashing the potential of big data got significant blog time this past week.

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Would you like the Web to understand your inner GPS? Then go to and start training the Web. After answering a few questions about your tastes, preferences, and opinions, you will get a set of recommendations from other Hunch … Continue reading

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