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Apple is in a Category All by Itself (#dataviz)

Source: Data Science Central

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Will the Apple Watch Give Rise to Bring Your Own Wearable (BYOW)?

The expectations for the official launch of the Apple Watch on March 9 are running high. Just like quarterly earnings estimates we now have a Wall Street consensus about how many Apple will sell this year: 14 million. Most of … Continue reading

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The Apple Watch, Uber, and Robotic Car Service

Tech Crunch: “When you open the Uber app on your Apple Watch, it goes straight to a screen showing how long it’ll be until a car can come get you — no pulling out your phone to drop pins or … Continue reading

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The Facebook–Apple–Google–Amazon Economy


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15 million+ are ready to buy an Apple Watch–Forrester


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The New Apple Wristop Computer: Not Designed for the Internet of Things

MIT Media Lab cofounder Nicholas Negroponte observed at a recent TED event that “I look today at some of the work being done around the Internet of Things and it’s kind of tragically pathetic.” The “tragically pathetic” label has been … Continue reading

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Why Ones and Zeros Are Eating the World

30 years ago today, Steve Jobs unveiled the Macintosh. More accurately, The Great Magician took it out of a bag and let it talk to us. The Macintosh, as I learned from first-hand experience in 1984, was a huge leap … Continue reading

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