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Big Data News Roundup

IBM’s Watson visited a few conferences last week. Watson’s lead developer, David Ferrucci delivered a keynote at the ACM’s 2011 Federated Computing Research Conference in San Jose, CA.

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Would you like the Web to understand your inner GPS? Then go to and start training the Web. After answering a few questions about your tastes, preferences, and opinions, you will get a set of recommendations from other Hunch … Continue reading

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Big Data and Borges

From the May 26 issue of the Economist: “In A short story called ‘On Exactitude in Science’, Jorge Luis Borges described an empire in which cartographers became so obsessive that they produced a map as big as the empire itself. … Continue reading

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All You Need is Optimized Data

“[’s vice-president of strategy Amarnath] Thombre says the technology that helps people fall in love isn’t so different from the kind that enables companies to whisk goods from warehouses to store shelves. ‘In both situations, you are trying to optimize … Continue reading

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Big Data and the Future of Business: Don’t Automate, Analyze

Sometime ago I got an email from Netflix telling me that “recently you may have had trouble instantly watching TV episodes or movies due to technical issues.”As a matter of fact, I did not experience any “technical difficulties.” I simply … Continue reading

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