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Big Business Doing Big Data (Video)

Paul Barth, managing partner at NewVantage Partners, on the results of a survey of large companies and their big data activities, at The Economist‘s Information Summit on June 4th 2013 in San Francisco.

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Big Data Concerns (Survey)

  Base: 417 respondents at organizations using or planning to deploy data analytics, BI or statistical analysis software Data: InformationWeek 2013 Analytics, Business Intelligence and Information Management Survey of 541 business technology professionals, October 2012

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Big Data and the CIA

Ira “Gus” Hunt, CTO, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

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Big Data Quotes of the Week

“In traditional biology research, people ask a key question, or run a trial. They make clinical and molecular measurements to address that question. They use some statistics or computation. Then they validate what they’ve found in another, more advanced trial. … Continue reading

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Future Solutions to Big Data Requirements

Two news items, the first on a cloud computing environment distributed over PCs contributing their available storage and computing capacity as a cost- and energy-efficient solution to processing an exabyte (1 billion gigabytes) a day of raw data; the second … Continue reading

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Big Data and Borges

From the May 26 issue of the Economist: “In A short story called ‘On Exactitude in Science’, Jorge Luis Borges described an empire in which cartographers became so obsessive that they produced a map as big as the empire itself. … Continue reading

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