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Technologies Shaping the Future: #cloud, #mobile, #IoT, #cognitive

Source: World Economic Forum

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Cloud traffic will grow at an annual rate of 33% over the next 5 years, Cisco predicts

The new version of the Cisco Cloud Index computes the rapid expansion of today’s stampede to the cloud. “We have never seen anything like this in terms of speed of customer adoption,” Oracle Co-CEO Mark Hurd said recently, describing how his corporate … Continue reading

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Organizations Investing in Big Data, Cloud and Mobility are Growing up to 53% Faster than Laggards

Dell recently released its second annual Global Technology Adoption Index, based on a survey of 2,900 respondents from midsize organizations (with 100-4,999 employees) across 11 countries. It quantifies the gap between IT leaders and laggards and identifies distinct roles for business … Continue reading

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The CEO Interview: Ziv Kedem, Zerto

Ziv Kedem knows what should be your first step if you want to build a company that will last for a long time. “When we started Zerto, we spent the first 6 months talking to customers, even before we developed … Continue reading

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How Data in the Cloud Has Changed Everything (Infographic)

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From 10MB Hard Drive to Big Data

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Ramona Pierson on Empowering Personalized Learning with Big Data (Video)

Ramona Pierson: “Humans are constantly curious and learning should be about making new discoveries. With big data, we have the potential to take formal learning which is taught and combine it with informal learning which is experienced, to create personalized … Continue reading

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VCs Developing In-House Tech-Expertise-as-a-Service

Ashlee Vance writes in “Netflix Loses Its Cloud Guru to a VC Firm”: “It used to be good enough for venture capitalists just to hand out money. Well, not anymore. Now they’re expected to offer up a suite of services … Continue reading

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Top 10 Predictions for $2.14 Trillion IT Market in 2014: IDC

IDC issued recently its top 10 predictions for 2014. IDC’s Frank Gens predicted that 2014 “will be about pitched battles” and a coming IT industry consolidation around a small number of big “winners.” The industry landscape will change as “incumbents … Continue reading

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Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Big Data

Louis Columbus at surveys key big data forecasts and market size estimates, including Gartner’s recent Hype Cycle for Big Data. The winning technologies in the immediate future? “Column-Store DBMS, Cloud Computing, In-Memory Database Management Systems will be the three most transformational technologies in … Continue reading

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