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Competitive Data Science with R and Python (Video)

Corey Chivers presents “From Dark Matter to Whale Calls: Competitive data-mining with R and Python” at Montreal Python; quotes John Tukey “The best thing about being a statistician is that you get to play in everyone’s backyard” and updates it … Continue reading

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A Practical Introduction to Data Science Skills (Video)

Google’s Michael Manoochehri at DataEDGE 2013 presenting an introduction to  data analysis and suggestions for how to become a data scientist (his notes for the presentation are here).

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Which Country Facebook Users Move To?

  In “Data Science of the Facebook World,” Stephen Wolfram presents analysis of data collected from the million people using Wolfram|Alpha Personal Analytics for Facebook.  The chart above shows the movement between countries of people in this sub-population of Facebook users.

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LinkedIn’s Yael Garten on Data Science Goes Mobile (Video)

Yael Garten at Strata 2013 on big data on small devices  

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Data Visualization by Nathan Yau

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