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Deep Learning Software Revenues to Reach $35 Billion in 2025

Tractica: Top 10 use cases for deep learning, in terms of revenue, will be as follows: Static image recognition, classification, and tagging Machine/vehicular object detection/identification/avoidance Patient data processing Algorithmic trading strategy performance improvement Converting paperwork into digital data Medical image … Continue reading

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Perspectives on Deep Learning

Source: Piotr Migdal

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Will Google Own AI? (5)

Matthew Rubashkin, Silicon Valley Data Science: “[Google’s] TensorFlow is the 800-pound Gorilla in the room in regards to quantity of tutorials, training materials, and community of developers and users.” Mentions of Deep Learning frameworks in papers uploaded to Arxiv-Sanity in March … Continue reading

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Will Google Own AI? (4)

Norm Jouppi, Google: We’ve been using compute-intensive machine learning in our products for the past 15 years. We use it so much that we even designed an entirely new class of custom machine learning accelerator, the Tensor Processing Unit. Just … Continue reading

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Using AI And Deep Learning To Improve Consumer Access To Credit

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks-based deep learning are concepts that have recently come to dominate venture capital funding, startup formation, promotion and exits and policy discussions. The highly-publicized triumphs over humans in Go and Poker, rapid progress in … Continue reading

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Deep Learning at Google

Growing use of deep learning at Google In 2012, there was not much use of deep neural nets at Google. Over time, we built tools that other teams can pick up and use to solve their problems. The tools were … Continue reading

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Pressed Data: Best of 2016

  In Pressed Data, my column, I try to chronicle the evolution of digital technologies, their business impact, and the people behind the innovations, business models, and new ideas. In 2016, I covered artificial intelligence—the 60-year-old new new thing, … Continue reading

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