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Automotive 2.0: Israeli Startup Landscape

Source:  10 of the hottest self-driving technologies from Israel

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Car Pool of the Future: 11 Million Shared Driverless Cars by 2030 and 35 Million Car-Sharing Registered Users by 2021

ABI Research: Fully driverless technology will spark a transformation of personal mobility, enabling consumers to abandon costly vehicle ownership and summon shared vehicles when needed. ABI Research predicts that this will transform the vehicle interior, which car manufacturers will design … Continue reading

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Look Ma, No Drivers: Transportation Automation

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Smart Cars: The Next 10 Years

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Driverless Cars: A Misguided 20th Century Idea

IEEE Spectrum: A vision of fully autonomous, self-driving cars allowing human owners to nap or read in the car seems to come from the future. But David Mindell, a historian and electrical engineer at MIT, says that the idea of such … Continue reading

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