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How Squirrel AI Learning Is Shaking Up Education in China

Joleen Liang, Partner and SVP, Squirrel AI Learning Tom Mitchell, E. Fredkin University Professor, Machine Learning Department, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

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Textbooks and College Tuition Lead Price Increases 1996-2016

Source: BLS HT: CB Insights

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106 Ed Tech Startups Disrupting Education

CB Insights: Our map illustrates the following ed tech categories: Broad Online Learning Platforms – Perhaps ed tech’s most visible segment, these platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and Khan Academy host educational content covering a wide variety of subjects, generally geared toward … Continue reading

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Teaching Kids to Code (Infographic)

Brought to you by DataScience@SMU, a masters in data science

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Startups Disrupting Education with New Technologies

CB Insights: Venture capital funding to education technology startups passed $1.6B last year, across 217 deals. With ed tech startup investing becoming so competitive and crowded, it’s important to know where top VCs are placing their bets… Accel Partners, Felicis … Continue reading

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Ramona Pierson on Empowering Personalized Learning with Big Data (Video)

Ramona Pierson: “Humans are constantly curious and learning should be about making new discoveries. With big data, we have the potential to take formal learning which is taught and combine it with informal learning which is experienced, to create personalized … Continue reading

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Big Data and Education (Infographic)


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