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Cool Data Scientists on Campus

Hal Varian:  “Data availability is going to continue to grow. To make that data useful is a challenge. It’s generally going to require human beings to do it.” Source: Carl Bialik, “Data Crunchers Now the Cool Kids on Campus,” The Wall … Continue reading

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Can Big Data Analytics Enhance Education? (Infographic)

“In education, as in many other sectors looking for a quick-fix, big data suddenly promises a new salvation. If we just collect and analyze enough data, isn’t the state of education going to improve? … There is no doubt in my … Continue reading

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How Big Data is Changing the College Experience

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3 Big Data Startups: Locu, Essess, Coursera

Locu What does it do? Founded in 2012, Locu’s mission is to structure the world’s information, and it is currently focused on unstructured local data. Locu combines document analysis,  crowdsourcing,  and machine learning to provide structured and semantically annotated data sets … Continue reading

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Management Education in the Age of Big Data

What if business schools based their entire curriculum on the fundamentals of business analytics? McKinsey estimates that the demand for “deep analytical positions” in the U.S. will exceed supply by 140,000 to 190,000 positions and that there will be a need … Continue reading

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