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13-Year-Old Facebook Dominates Social Media

  Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004 when went live. Its home screen read, says David Kirkpatrick in The Facebook Effect, “Thefacebook is an online directory that connects people though social networks at colleges.” Zuckerberg’s classmate Andrew McCollum … Continue reading

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The Rise of the ‘Tech’ Giants

Financial Times: [August 1, 2016] was something of a red-letter day for the tech industry. When the stock market closed, the five most valuable companies on the planet were, for the first time, technology concerns. And they all hailed from … Continue reading

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The Face of Artificial Intelligence

Source: Technology Review Source: IEEE Spectrum   Source: MadAboutMovies Source: Lee Se-dol, one of the world’s top Go players, won just one of the matches against the AlphaGo program, missing out on the $1 million prize up for grabs. … Continue reading

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12 Apps with 1 Billion Users

Jeff Desjardins: So far, the only companies in possession of apps or programs with more than one billion active users are Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. Amazingly, Google alone has seven of them: Search, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Android, Chrome, and Play. … Continue reading

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What has @Facebook Wrought: No More Six Degrees of Separation

Facebook: How connected is the world? Playwrights [1], poets [2], and scientists [3] have proposed that everyone on the planet is connected to everyone else by six other people. In honor of Friends Day, we’ve crunched the Facebook friend graph … Continue reading

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Remembrance of Technology Past in 2030

Source: @ValaAfshar

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Survey Data on Facebook Addiction (Infographic)

Courtesy of: Stop Procrastinating

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