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The 4 Flavors of The Internet of Things

Two years ago, Fast Company reported on the “great tech war” of the four leading horsemen of the Internet–Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple (let’s call them the FAGA Four).  The race for Internet dominance has intensified since then, with Amazon … Continue reading

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Big Data Quotes: Disruptive Innovation?

“By definition, big data cannot yield complicated descriptions of causality. Especially in healthcare. Almost all of our diseases occur in the intersections of systems in the body. For example, there is a drug that is marketed by Elan BioNeurology called … Continue reading

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Which Country Facebook Users Move To?

  In “Data Science of the Facebook World,” Stephen Wolfram presents analysis of data collected from the million people using Wolfram|Alpha Personal Analytics for Facebook.  The chart above shows the movement between countries of people in this sub-population of Facebook users.

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Processing Big Data, The Facebook Way

Source: A rare look inside Facebook’s Oregon data center [photos, video], GigaOM

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Profiles in Data Science: Cameron Marlow

Current position: Research Scientist and Manager, Data Science Team,  Facebook Bio:  Before Facebook, where he studies various aspects of social behavior including influence, diffusion, self-presentation and personal networks, Marlow worked at Yahoo Research Berkeley where he ran the Social Motives … Continue reading

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Big Data Quotes of the Week

“This is the first time the world has seen this scale and quality of data about human communication… For the first time, we have a microscope that not only lets us examine social behavior at a very fine level that … Continue reading

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Google Plus Plus Plus

Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility will be a milestone in the ongoing re-shaping of the information business. As I blogged before, the big data wave and cloud computing are tearing down business and data walls, creating a new landscape, the  … Continue reading

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