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Will Google Own AI?

Bloomberg: TensorFlow has become the most popular AI programming project on software code sharing service GitHub, leapfrogging well-regarded systems created by universities and corporate rivals, according to data gathered by Bloomberg. Google: Deep Learning has had a huge impact on computer science, … Continue reading

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The Smart Speakers Market

  A new study by Juniper Research has found that revenue from smart audio hardware will more than triple over the next four years, rising from an estimated $1.4 billion this year to over $5.5 billion by 2020. While Juniper … Continue reading

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Google 1 Yahoo 0

Many of the obituaries for Yahoo have contrasted its demise with the flourishing of Google, another Web pioneer. Why was Google’s attempt to “organize all the world’s information” vastly more successful than Yahoo’s? The short answer: Because Google did not organize the … Continue reading

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The Rise of the ‘Tech’ Giants

Financial Times: [August 1, 2016] was something of a red-letter day for the tech industry. When the stock market closed, the five most valuable companies on the planet were, for the first time, technology concerns. And they all hailed from … Continue reading

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What Are Amazon Echo, Apple Siri and Google Now Good For?

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The Brute Force of AlphaGo

  David Silver, Google DeepMind: The search base at Go is too enormous and too vast for a brute force approach to have any chance of succeeding… The search process itself is not based on brute force, more on something akin … Continue reading

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12 Apps with 1 Billion Users

Jeff Desjardins: So far, the only companies in possession of apps or programs with more than one billion active users are Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. Amazingly, Google alone has seven of them: Search, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Android, Chrome, and Play. … Continue reading

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