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12 Apps with 1 Billion Users

Jeff Desjardins: So far, the only companies in possession of apps or programs with more than one billion active users are Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. Amazingly, Google alone has seven of them: Search, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Android, Chrome, and Play. … Continue reading

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Google’s RankBrain Outranks the Best Brains in the Industry

Bloomberg recently broke the news that Google is “turning its lucrative Web search over to AI machines.” Google revealed to the reporter that for the past few months, a very large fraction of the millions of search queries Google responds … Continue reading

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Google and Alphabet: Invention–and Commerical Success–is not Enough

It looks like most of the publications and pundits of the world had something to say about the surprise-of-the-decade: Google’s transformation into Alphabet (Techmeme provides a sample here). For me, the numerous questions they posed only triggered further questions:  Is … Continue reading

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Google Robots’ Dream Psychedelic Dreams and Lash Out at Humans

The Wall Street Journal reported recently that a Google robot became “exasperated” and ended a conversation “by lashing out at its human inquisitor.” And Quartz reported that “Google engineers sought out to see what…artificial networks ‘dream’ of” and discovered “the subconscious of … Continue reading

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Facebook is in a category all by itself (#dataviz) Findings in a new report released by Verto Analytics: 222 million U.S. Facebook users tend to spend 14 hours per month in the company’s app. (That’s 335,000 years worth of time, by the way.) Google reaches 228 million U.S. users, … Continue reading

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The Facebook–Apple–Google–Amazon Economy


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The 4 Flavors of The Internet of Things

Two years ago, Fast Company reported on the “great tech war” of the four leading horsemen of the Internet–Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple (let’s call them the FAGA Four).  The race for Internet dominance has intensified since then, with Amazon … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Big Data Processing at Google (Video)

Google’s Daniel Sturman at the IEEE Computer Society’s “Rock Stars of Big Data” event, October 29, 2013.

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The Googlization of GE

The machines are taking over big data. In 2008, the number of things connected to the Internet exceeded the number of people on Earth, according to Cisco. Last year, IDC estimated that in 2020, there will be 26 times more connected things than people. … Continue reading

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Processing Big Data, the Google Way

Processing big data at Google’s data centers     Source:

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