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2013 Data Science Salary Survey: Open source tools correlate with higher salary

“In our report, 2013 Data Science Salary Survey, we make our own data-driven contribution to the conversation. We collected a survey from attendees of the Strata Conference in New York and Santa Clara, California, about tool usage and salary… What … Continue reading

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Hadoop Inventor Doug Cutting on the Future of Data (Video)

Some facts about data: Hardware gets cheaper Data is valuabe Open source wins Hadoop gets better Hadoop is general Hadoop dominates big data (de facto operating system for big data) Even transactions are possible on Hadoop The future of data … Continue reading

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Edd Dumbill on the Internet of Things and Data Science

Edd Dumbill, VP Strategy, Silicon Valley Data Science: “There’s cultural change, we see that with data analytics. Tools are half of the problem, culture is the other.”

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Hadoop 0.1

CNBC: The name [Hadoop] is a homey story going back 10 years—into the realm of a toddler’s experimentation with old-fashioned human language. Cutting’s son, then 2, was just beginning to talk and called his beloved stuffed yellow elephant “Hadoop” (with … Continue reading

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Explaining Big Data by ExplainingComputers (Video)

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Hadoop MapReduce Example – How good are a city’s farmer’s markets?

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LucidWorks: Bringing Search to Big Data

“Search is the UI for data today,” Grant Ingersoll, Chief Scientist for LucidWorks, told the audience at the recent IE big data conference in Boston. Anyone on the Internet is familiar with the search box and can find the data they are looking … Continue reading

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