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Strata Rx 2013: Big Data in Healthcare (Video)

I look forward to reporting from the Strata Rx 2013 conference in Boston later this week. Here is the co-chair of the event, Colin Hill of GNS Healthcare, taking to Donald Berwick, MD on the role of data in health … Continue reading

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Big Data Quotes: Disruptive Innovation?

“By definition, big data cannot yield complicated descriptions of causality. Especially in healthcare. Almost all of our diseases occur in the intersections of systems in the body. For example, there is a drug that is marketed by Elan BioNeurology called … Continue reading

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Big Data and Health Care

I love the conclusion of this good-looking infographic: “Doctors will learn to increasingly rely on technology and big data for triage, diagnosis and decision-making. Consequently, doctors will become better at their jobs, health care costs will decrease, and patient care … Continue reading

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Big Data Quotes of the Week

“In traditional biology research, people ask a key question, or run a trial. They make clinical and molecular measurements to address that question. They use some statistics or computation. Then they validate what they’ve found in another, more advanced trial. … Continue reading

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Big Data Quotes of the Week

“Even as big data are helping banks, they are also throwing up new competitors from outside the industry”–“Big data: Crunching the numbers,” The Economist 

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Big Data Startups News

Wikibon’s Jeff Kelly bravely put a stake in the ground recently, first among IT market observers, by estimating the big data market at $5 billion, growing to $50 billion in five years. Kelly’s 5/50/5 plan is a great guide to … Continue reading

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