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3 AI programs to talk at TED 2020: $5 million competition announcement

Apply here

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IBM Watson and Ken Jennings Compete Again, This Time for Title of Most Productive (Video)

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IBM, Watson, and Cognitive Computing

Reacting to 10 quarters in a row of declining revenues and the abandonment of IBM’s profit target for 2015, UBS’s Steve Milunovich asked on the Q3 earnings call about IBM’s appeal to Silicon Valley startups. Giving voice to the rising … Continue reading

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Jeopardy champion Jennings on how a computer beat him at his own game (Video)

Jennings in Slate: …there’s no shame in losing to silicon, I thought to myself as I greeted the (suddenly friendlier) team of IBM engineers after the match. After all, I don’t have 2,880 processor cores and 15 terabytes of reference … Continue reading

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What Will Make You a Big Data Leader?

  The IBM Institute for Business Value’s 2013 analytics survey surveyed 900 business and IT executives from 70 countries. “Leaders” (19% of the sample) were respondents self identified as “substantially outperforming their market or industry peers” in a question used by the IBM Institute for … Continue reading

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Big Data Quotes of the Week

“Predictive analytics can figure out how to land on Mars, but not who will buy a Mars bar…. You should expect big data to have big impact. And you can bet that it will help machines interact more usefully with … Continue reading

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Big Data Quotes of the Week

“The world is one big data problem. There’s a bit of arrogance in that, and a bit of truth as well.”–Andrew McAfee “…one of the most exciting parts of the LinkedIn platform and the LinkedIn ecosystem is that the more … Continue reading

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Big Data News Roundup

IBM’s Watson visited a few conferences last week. Watson’s lead developer, David Ferrucci delivered a keynote at the ACM’s 2011 Federated Computing Research Conference in San Jose, CA.

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Data Scientists Wanted

“The United States alone faces a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with analytical expertise and 1.5 million managers and analysts with the skills to understand and make decisions based on the analysis of big data.” –McKinsey

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