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O’Reilly AI Conference: 12 Observations About Artificial Intelligence

At the inaugural O’Reilly AI conference, 66 artificial intelligence practitioners and researchers from 39 organizations presented the current state-of-AI: From chatbots and deep learning to self-driving cars and emotion recognition to automating jobs and obstacles to AI progress to saving … Continue reading

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The State of Decision-Making by Machines and by Humans

A new PwC survey provides fresh and illuminating data on the burning questions of the day:  Are machines going to take over our jobs? And how much do we rely (or over-rely) today on machines, automation, and algorithms? Experts are … Continue reading

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Oren Etzioni on Building Intelligent Machines

“There are more things in AI than classification… the entire paradigm of classification, which has fueled machine learning and data mining, is very limited… What we need is a process that is structured, multi-layered, knowledge-intensive, much more like kids playing … Continue reading

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Rodney Brooks at Solid: Why machines should surprise us and why we shouldn’t be scared

Rodney Brooks, Founder and CTO of Rethink Robotics, at the O’Reilly Solid Conference, May 21, 2014 In the old days software seemed pretty deterministic. If you ran your program 10 times it got the same answer all ten times. Once … Continue reading

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