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Top 10 Predictions for $2.14 Trillion IT Market in 2014: IDC

IDC issued recently its top 10 predictions for 2014. IDC’s Frank Gens predicted that 2014 “will be about pitched battles” and a coming IT industry consolidation around a small number of big “winners.” The industry landscape will change as “incumbents … Continue reading

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Do You Know Where Your Data Is and Who Reads It? Varonis Knows

Edward Snowden’s job responsibilities at the NSA included accessing a file-sharing section of the agency’s intranet and manually moving especially sensitive documents to a more secure location. This is how Lonny Anderson, the NSA’s chief technology officer, explained to NPR last month … Continue reading

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Gartner’s Dave Aron’s Poems on the Digital Zeitgeist

Dave Aron writes: I would like to suggest a new form of digital poem – the denshi. (電詩). Haiku are 17 syllable poems, structured in a 5-7-5 syllable format, that tend to be about nature and the seasons, and are … Continue reading

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From the Great Minds Think Alike File: IT is the Business

Twitted from the Gartner Symposium, October 2013 “IT is no longer a ‘department’ like accounting or facilities. The businesses that continue to view it this way will not be able to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the digitization … Continue reading

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The Digitization of IT

In many companies today, the “consumerization of IT” is turning into the “Digitization of IT.” The spreading of consumer technologies and services into the workplace is being expanded into a larger set of IT practices, borrowed from Silicon Valley innovators … Continue reading

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SAS CTO on Big Data and Big Compute

“One of my biggest challenges,” Keith Collins told me recently, “is helping SAS understand how to communicate to IT organizations. We present workloads which look odd and different. IT does not know how to have an SLA (Service Level Agreement) around them.  … Continue reading

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The CIO Interview: Annabelle Bexiga, TIAA-CREF

“Innovation is everyone’s job,” Annabelle Bexiga, EVP and CIO at TIAA-CREF told me recently. “The most mundane thing,” says Bexiga, “even stacking servers in the data center, can be innovative if you can think of a different way of doing … Continue reading

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The ‘End of Innovation’ Crowd Doesn’t Get IT

Recently, a fierce debate has taken place among prominent economists, with important implications for businesses everywhere. Should they prepare for a future characterized by little innovation or for a future dominated by accelerated innovation? In one camp are economists such … Continue reading

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Big Data in Big Companies: Tom Davenport and Jill Dyche on their Latest Research

From the executive summary of the research report (PDF): “Big data may be new for startups and for online firms, but many large firms view it as something they have been wrestling with for years. Some managers appreciate the innovative nature … Continue reading

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Mary Meeker’s Annual Survey of IT Trends

Mary Meeker, partner at the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, delivered her annual survey of information technology trends at the AllThingsD D11 conference today. Her summary: “The latest edition of the annual Internet Trends report finds continued … Continue reading

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