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AI by the Numbers: Data Privacy or AI Supremacy?

Recent surveys, studies, forecasts and other quantitative assessments of the progress and impact of AI highlight the confusion and contradictory attitudes of consumers about the privacy of their data, the impact of AI on jobs, and the race for AI … Continue reading

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Results from a New Survey of Data Privacy Regulations in 61 Countries

It seems that no week passes by without yet another revelation of how the most successful tech companies play with our data. When your business is driven by data, you are driven to ignore possible data leaks, to question the … Continue reading

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The Data on Americans and Data Privacy

Pew Research Center: After the June 2013 leaks by government contractor Edward Snowden about National Security Agency surveillance of Americans’ online and phone communications, Pew Research Center began an in-depth exploration of people’s views and behaviors related to privacy. Our … Continue reading

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How Much Will You Pay to Protect Your Data?

Source: Harvard Business Review See also: ‘We The People Have A Lot Of Work To Do’ Says Schneier In A Must-Read Book On Security And Privacy

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The State of Data Privacy 2015 (Infographic)

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Bruce Schneier’s Must-Read Book on Security and Privacy

“The surveillance society snuck up on us,” says Bruce Schneier in Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Capture Your Data and Control Your World. It’s a thought-provoking, absorbing, and comprehensive guide to our new big data world. Most important, … Continue reading

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Edward Snowden Wins ‘Debate’ With NSA Lawyer

At a public event last month, Edward Snowden argued that the NSA has developed a “culture of impunity,” that its people “are not villains, but they think they can do anything because it is for a just cause.” John DeLong, … Continue reading

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Networked Privacy in the Age of Surveillance, Sousveillance, Coveillance (slides)

  At Harvard University’s symposium “Privacy in a Networked World,” Lee Rainie presented the latest survey findings about privacy from the Pew Research Center.

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The Ethics of Big Data (Infographic)

Source: Umbel

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Is Privacy Becoming a Luxury Good? Julia Angwin Keynote at Strata + Hadoop 2014 (Video)

We are being watched – by companies, by the government, by our neighbors. Technology has made powerful surveillance tools available to everyone. And now some of us are investing in counter-surveillance techniques and tactics. Julia Angwin discusses how much she … Continue reading

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