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Top 10 Programming Languages 2016

IEEE Spectrum: After two years in second place, C has finally edged out Java for the top spot. Staying in the top five, Python has swapped places with C++ to take the No. 3 position, and C# has fallen out … Continue reading

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2013 Data Science Salary Survey: Open source tools correlate with higher salary

“In our report, 2013 Data Science Salary Survey, we make our own data-driven contribution to the conversation. We collected a survey from attendees of the Strata Conference in New York and Santa Clara, California, about tool usage and salary… What … Continue reading

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Competitive Data Science with R and Python (Video)

Corey Chivers presents “From Dark Matter to Whale Calls: Competitive data-mining with R and Python” at Montreal Python; quotes John Tukey “The best thing about being a statistician is that you get to play in everyone’s backyard” and updates it … Continue reading

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