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Top Tech Trends from OurCrowd

Top technologies and startups to watch in 2021 and into 2022. Read more

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How to Compete with Amazon

Data is eating the world and Amazon got it very early on. Twenty years ago, Jeff Bezos wrote in his letter to the shareholders of his $1.64 billion company: “We are doubly-blessed. We have a market-size unconstrained opportunity in an area where … Continue reading

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AI Use in the Retail Industry

You will find more infographics at Statista 74% of AI use cases in retail are for customer-facing projects, while only 16% are dedicated to operations.

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Walmart Collects 2.5 Million Gigabytes of Data from 1 Million Customers Every Hour

Source: DeZyre

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How Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will Change the Shopping and Advertising Experience

Embedded from A/B testing software Source: eMarketer

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Startups Defining the Future of Retail

Source: CB Insights

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133 Startups Disrupting Brick-and-Mortar Retail

CB Insights: Augmented/Virtual Reality Tools – Startups that leverage augmented or virtual reality to aid retailers in layout of stores and the design of promotional displays. InContext Solutions, which has worked with clients like Walmart, Nestle, and Kellogg’s, lets brands visualize marketing … Continue reading

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72 Startups Disrupting Retail

CB Insights: Transforming bricks-and-mortar shopping is a high-stakes endeavor for retailers given Americans still do over 90% of our shopping in physical stores. In fact, one of the latest trends in retail is the launch of physical stores by online … Continue reading

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The Future of Online Shopping (Infographic)

Source: The Chat Shop Blog

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Big Data and the Demise of Analog Retail

News today that the CEO of Best Buy has abruptly stepped down. According to the Wall Street Journal he did do apparently because of his “personal conduct.” But the recently announced $1.7 billion quartely loss is still the news that matters … Continue reading

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