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The Future of Search

An open platform for search heralds a new way to manage our online experiences. Read more

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A New Search Engine is a new online search engine with an innovative interface design and user experience. Read more

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Google 1 Yahoo 0

Many of the obituaries for Yahoo have contrasted its demise with the flourishing of Google, another Web pioneer. Why was Google’s attempt to “organize all the world’s information” vastly more successful than Yahoo’s? The short answer: Because Google did not organize the … Continue reading

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Strata Rx 2013: Big Data in Healthcare (Video)

I look forward to reporting from the Strata Rx 2013 conference in Boston later this week. Here is the co-chair of the event, Colin Hill of GNS Healthcare, taking to Donald Berwick, MD on the role of data in health … Continue reading

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Daniel Tunkelang on Enterprise Search

Daniel Tunkeland, Head of Query Understanding at LinkedIn, talked earlier this week at the Enterprise Search Summit about  “Enterprise Search: How Do We Get There From Here?” Here are the slides and below is Tunkelang’s summary of the presentation: We dream of … Continue reading

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Would you like the Web to understand your inner GPS? Then go to and start training the Web. After answering a few questions about your tastes, preferences, and opinions, you will get a set of recommendations from other Hunch … Continue reading

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