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Only 16% say their company is well prepared for the challenge of IoT security

Source: McKinsey  See also Security Ledger

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IoT Top Concern: Security

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AI in Cybersecurity Startups Landscape

Source: CB Insights

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6 In-Demand Internet of Things (IoT) Security Technologies

Internet of Things (IoT) security breaches have been dominating the headlines lately. WikiLeaks’s trove of CIA documents revealed that internet-connected televisions can be used to secretly record conversations. Trump’s advisor Kellyanne Conway believes that microwave ovens can spy on you—maybe … Continue reading

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What Americans Know about Cybersecurity?

Source: Pew Research

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The Dark Web The Web is like an iceberg divided into three segments, each with its own cluster of hangouts for cyber criminals and their digital breadcrumbs. The tip of the iceberg is the “Clear Web” (also called the Surface Web), indexed … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence from Aperio Systems Protects Critical Infrastructure

Startup Aperio Systems emerged from stealth mode in November, offering “a polygraph for process data, detecting when your system is lying to you,” says CEO Yevgeni Nogin. “We are not a typical cybersecurity company,” Nogin explained in a phone interview … Continue reading

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Cybersecurity market map

CB Insights: Network & Endpoint Security: This is the largest category in our market map and includes startups like Red Canary which specializes in protecting an enterprise’s computer networks from vulnerabilities that arise as a result of remotely connecting users’ laptops, tablets, and other … Continue reading

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Sharp Increase in Data Loss Due to Insider Threats

A new Ponemon Institute survey has found that 76% of IT practitioners in the U.S. and Europe say their organizations have suffered the loss or theft of important data over the past two years. This is a significant increase from … Continue reading

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Network Map of Top 100 Cyber Security Influencers

Onalytica: We were very interested in seeing which Data Security influencers and brands were leading the online discussion, so we analysed  tweets over the last 6 months mentioning the keywords: “data privacy” OR dataprivacy OR “data security” OR datasecurity OR datasec OR “data protection” … Continue reading

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