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Self-Driving Cars: Challenges, Expectations, Hype, and Healthy Skepticism

See also Rodney Brooks on the Unexpected Consequences of Self Driving Cars: In this post I will explore two possible consequences of having self driving cars, two consequences that I have not seen being discussed, while various car companies, non-traditional … Continue reading

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Data Is Eating the World: Self-Driving Cars

  Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich explained why the company was so keen to move into the world of self-driving cars. “Many of you have asked why we think autonomous cars and vehicles are so important to Intel’s future,” Krzanich said … Continue reading

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Everything You Wanted to Know about Self-Driving Cars in One Infographic


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Questions about the self-driving car bubble

Artur Kiulian comments on Frank Chen’s 16 questions about self-driving cars: The major assumption is that “Everything that moves will go autonomous”, and we are not only talking about cars, all the trucks on our roads, drones in the sky, shopping … Continue reading

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Autonomous Driving and the Future of Transportation

Mark Harris: “2017 will show us that limited deployments are technically, legally, and socially possible, even under today’s laws,” says Bryant Walker Smith, a professor at the University of South Carolina. The cars themselves, with their distinctive sensor rigs mounted … Continue reading

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Smart Cars: The Next 10 Years

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The first mass deployment of driverless taxis will happen by 2020

BI Intelligence: Since the start of 2016, automakers, tech companies, and ride-hailing services have been racing to create a driverless taxi service. This service would mirror how an Uber works today, but there wouldn’t be a driver. So far, the … Continue reading

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