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The first mass deployment of driverless taxis will happen by 2020

BI Intelligence: Since the start of 2016, automakers, tech companies, and ride-hailing services have been racing to create a driverless taxi service. This service would mirror how an Uber works today, but there wouldn’t be a driver. So far, the … Continue reading

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Big Auto Self-Disruption

CB Insights: Traditional automotive OEMs have begun making deals at a frantic place, seeking to remedy their shortcomings in auto tech and ride-hailing disciplines. Using CB Insights data, we mapped out the key auto tech partnerships, investments, and acquisitions of these … Continue reading

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Google: Self-Driving Cars are Both 3 and 30 Years Away

IEEE Spectrum: In 2011, soon after Google first told the world about the robocars it had secretly been developing, it promised that the vehicles would be able to “drive anywhere a car can legally drive.” Its timeframe for delivering the … Continue reading

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