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Statistics Without the Agonizing Pain: John Rauser Keynote at Strata + Hadoop 2014 (Video)

There are two essential skills for the data scientist: engineering and statistics. A great many data scientists are very strong engineers but feel like impostors when it comes to statistics. In this talk John will argue that the ability to … Continue reading

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A Statistician’s View on Big Data and Data Science in Pharmaceutical Development

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Big Data and Statisticians, Revisited (Video)

Data Science, Big Data and Statistics – can we all live together? from Chalmers Internal on Vimeo. Terry Speed on how (and a bit on why) statisticians have been left out of the big data movement. Best slide comes at … Continue reading

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The Future of Statistics Unconference (Video)

Simply Statistics organized The Future of Statistics Unconference which was streamed live on Oct 30, 2013. The panelists were Hadley Wickham, Statistics, Rice University Hilary Mason, Data Scientist in Residence at Accel Joe Blitzstein, Statistics, Harvard Sinan Aral, MIT Sloan School of Management Daniela … Continue reading

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Rachel Schutt on Educating Data Scientists (Video)

Rachel Schutt, Senior Research Scientist, Johnson Research Labs, describes in this DataEDGE 2013 presentation how she developed the “Introduction to Data Science” course at Columbia (Fall 2012) based on her experience as a statistician at Google and a series of informal … Continue reading

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On Data Janitors, Engineers, and Statistics

Big Data Borat tweeted recently that “Data Science is 99% preparation, 1% misinterpretation.” Commenting on the 99% part, Cloudera’s Josh Wills says: “I’m a data janitor. That’s the sexiest job of the 21st century. It’s very flattering, but it’s also a little … Continue reading

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Big Data Commentary Roundup

Katie Baker in Grantland: “After spending two days and nights [at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference] talking and thinking and hearing about data visualization and correlation coefficients and Big Data… and things like ‘Dequantizing the Player Draft Using Extreme … Continue reading

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Bayesian Evolution

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Cool Data Scientists on Campus

Hal Varian:  “Data availability is going to continue to grow. To make that data useful is a challenge. It’s generally going to require human beings to do it.” Source: Carl Bialik, “Data Crunchers Now the Cool Kids on Campus,” The Wall … Continue reading

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The Big Data Interview: Dave Rich, CEO, Revolution Analytics

Dave Rich has an interesting theory explaining the rapidly-growing interest and investment in big data and specifically, in predictive analytics, over the last few years. “When the 2008 recession hit,” he told me recently, “the question was how come we … Continue reading

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