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The Cost and Speed of Computing and Communications 1956-2019

The Economist The price of computation today is roughly one hundred-millionth what it was in the 1970s, when the first microprocessors became commercially available (see chart). According to figures collected by John McCallum, a computer scientist, a megabyte of data … Continue reading

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Computer Storage Timeline

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Moshe Yanai: Re-Thinking the Big Data Box

Moshe Yanai has been re-thinking the box for more than 40 years, inventing new configurations of the large containers in which we keep the data generated by our constantly expanding digital lives. Data is eating the world and Yanai has … Continue reading

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Cohesity: Secondary Storage Consolidation Startup (Video)

Mohit Aron, founder and CEO, Cohesity: “If you cannot scale, you are forced to run stuff in silos.” Aron founded the infrastructure company Nutanix to bring hyper-convergence to market and served as its CTO before leaving to build Cohesity. Aron worked as … Continue reading

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How Data in the Cloud Has Changed Everything (Infographic)

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From 10MB Hard Drive to Big Data

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Bits to Yottabytes: The Past and Future of Hard Drives

Brought to you by datascience@berkeley: Master of Information and Data Science “Hard drive capacity has increased 50-million-fold since 1956. It took 26 years to create a 1 GB hard drive, but between 2007 and 2011, hard drives quadrupled in size … Continue reading

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How Much Data? Storage Capacities Illustrated (Infographic)

Bytes Sized infographic  

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Big Data Quotes of the Week

“Even as big data are helping banks, they are also throwing up new competitors from outside the industry”–“Big data: Crunching the numbers,” The Economist 

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Big Data Bytes: “Information technology has entered a big-data era”

“From social media to medical revolutions anchored in metadata analyses, wherein astronomical feats of data crunching enable heretofore unimaginable services and businesses, we are on the cusp of unimaginable new markets.”–Mark Mills and Julio Ottino, “The Coming Tech-Led Boom,”  The … Continue reading

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