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AI by the Numbers: 75 Countries are Using AI Technologies for Surveillance Purposes

Recent surveys, studies, forecasts and other quantitative assessments of the impact and progress of AI highlighted the strong state of AI surveillance worldwide, the lack of adherence to common privacy principles in companies’ data privacy statement, the growing adoption of … Continue reading

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60% of U.S. companies expect to be using AI by 2022

Source: Genesys

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Predicting the Presidential Election: What Went Wrong? (Part 2)

Wall Street Journal: When asked about what qualities matter most, about four in 10 people picked the ability to bring about change, and Mr. Trump won more than 80% of their votes. Mrs. Clinton was heavily favored by voters who … Continue reading

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Predicting the Presidential Election: What Went Wrong?

KDnuggets: …a good lesson for Data Scientists is to question their assumptions and to be especially skeptical when predicting a rare event with limited history using human behavior.

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CEOs Embrace Digital Transformation, Compete in New Industries

CEOs no longer question the need to embrace technology at the core of their business in order to create value for customers, but 58% still see the rapid pace of technological change as a challenge. So we learn from the … Continue reading

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NewVantage Partners Survey: Big Data Now Mainstream, Term Still Widely Disliked

For the third year in a row, NewVantage Partners has conducted a survey of Fortune 1000 senior business and technology executives regarding their companies’ investments in big data. This annual survey (see my summary of the 2013 report here) provides … Continue reading

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Big Data and Intuition: Status Update

Two new reports on big data and big decisions were released last week by Accenture and PwC. Both reports shed new light on the impact of big data on enterprises today, and how it is changing the process of decision … Continue reading

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