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Dr. Yair Schindel, aMoon Managing Partner, on Covid-19 and Investing in Medtech

When VC aMoon was established in 2017, “the premise was to invest heavily in the convergence of technology and biology, healthcare and data,” says Dr. Yair Schindel, its Managing Partner. Schindel and Marius Nacht, the other founder of the Israeli venture capital … Continue reading

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AI by the Numbers: The Healthcare Industry is Ahead of Other Industries in AI Adoption?

Recent surveys, studies, forecasts and other quantitative assessments of the progress of AI highlight the increasing presence of AI in the healthcare industry, the assistance AI may provide in the future to workers’ cognitive tasks, and the continuing acceleration in … Continue reading

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AI Chips, Anyone? On Surging Markets and Spectacular Exits

March 11, 2019: Nvidia buys Mellanox for $6.9b The deal is the second largest ever acquisition in the Israeli high tech industry December 16, 2019: Intel Confirms $2 Billion Habana Labs Acquisition The deal marks Intel’s second-largest acquisition of an … Continue reading

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Cybersecurity 2020 Predictions

Read more here Serial cybersecurity entrepreneur Shlomo Kramer said in a 2005 interview that cybersecurity is “a bit like Alice in Wonderland” where you run as fast as you can only to stay in place. In 2020, to paraphrase the … Continue reading

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The Benefits of AI in the Enterprise

In a global analysis based on Deloitte’s most recent State of AI in the Enterprise survey, early adopters were asked to identify the primary benefits of implementing AI in their organizations.¹ Respondents say using AI to enhance existing products and services … Continue reading

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Chimpanzee face recognition and great ape detection in the wild using deep learning

  We present a deep convolutional neural network (CNN) approach that provides a fully automated pipeline for face detection, tracking, and recognition of wild chimpanzees from long-term video records. And… We propose the first multi-frame video object detection framework trained … Continue reading

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59% of U.S. Adults Trust Law Enforcement to Use Facial Recognition Responsibly

Pew Research Center: 59% of US adults say it is acceptable for law enforcement to use facial recognition to assess security threats in public spaces; only 15% say it is acceptable for advertisers to use facial recognition to see how … Continue reading

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The Race to Acquire AI Startups

Source: Crunchbase

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Will Google Own AI? (3)

Source: The Race For AI: Google, Twitter, Intel, Apple In A Rush To Grab Artificial Intelligence Startups

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Data Is Eating the World: Self-Driving Cars

  Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich explained why the company was so keen to move into the world of self-driving cars. “Many of you have asked why we think autonomous cars and vehicles are so important to Intel’s future,” Krzanich said … Continue reading

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