The State-of-Data, July 2021

Data is eating the world. Here’s the latest data on the state-of-data

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Would You Like to Invest in Scale-Up Nation?

Israel-based venture capital firm and investment platform iAngels announced the closing of $55.5 million in capital for iAngels Ventures, the firm’s first institutional fund.

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Top Tech Trends from OurCrowd

Top technologies and startups to watch in 2021 and into 2022.

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SparkBeyond AI Finds Answers for Business and Social Impact

SparkBeyond has developed an AI-driven dynamic research and strategic action engine that can help you create a better future.

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The State of Data, June 2021

Data is eating the world, continuing to impact every aspect of our lives. Here’s the data on the state-of-data in June 2021, from current attitudes towards self-driving cars to the dramatic reduction in the price of lithium-ion batteries supporting the creation and consumption of data everywhere, including work from home, to the data lost in cybersecurity attacks.

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AI-based Companion Robot Upgraded to Physician Assistant

Intuition Robotics has developed the AI-based, award-winning proactive social robot ElliQ which has spent over 30,000 days in older adults’ homes over the past two years. Now ElliQ will help increase patient engagement while offering primary care providers continuous actionable data and insights for early detection and intervention.

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Data Scientists In Growing Demand, Survey Says

73% of data science and analytics teams planned to hire in Q1/Q2 of 2021 and 81% planned to hire in Q3/Q4 of 2021. 

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Reinventing Drug Discovery with Quantum Computing

Polaris Quantum Biotech is reinventing drug discovery, reducing the time it takes to find candidate molecules for drug development from the typical three years to just four months. 

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Upgrading Digital Media with AI

Israeli startup D-ID has developed AI with the potential to change how digital media is created, enhanced and used by the entertainment and media industries

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Andrew Ng Promotes the Data-Centric AI Movement

Data is eating the world so Andrew Ng wants to make sure we radically improve its quality. “Data is food for AI,” says Ng, and he is launching a campaign to shift the focus of AI practitioners from model/algorithm development to the quality of the data they use to train the models.

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