When AI Met Robotics, SHAKEY Was Born

The robot that was going to start the Third Industrial Revolution.

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AI and Product Management in the Data Business

Managing data with AI-powered automation and data product managers.

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Mental Health, the Metaverse, and Text-to-Video AI

Are we already living in a “metaverse”?

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Being Irresponsible About AI

The calls for “responsible AI” have led to new, irresponsible government regulation.

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Abusing AI

The trouble with AI is that it lacks a clear definition, that it suffers from the unique nature of its creators’ intelligence and the fuzzy language they use.

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Funding Health Equity

The Global Health Equity Fund is a $200 million unique financial-first impact venture capital investment fund.

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Jon Medved (R) and Anil Soni (Photo: Aurelio Di Muzio)
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Outsmarting Amazon?

Trigo is one of a number of new ventures worldwide that are aiming to outsmart Amazon in upgrading our grocery shopping experience.

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On Digital Leadership

Practical lessons, tactics, and strategies for becoming a digital trailblazer, either as an executive or an enterprise.

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No, the #iPhone didn’t ‘change everything’

The iPhone represents the zenith of the most recent stage in the evolution of digitization.

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The Mighty Chickpea Protein

Israeli startup InnovoPro sees chickpea protein as the best choice for the rapidly growing alternative protein market.

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CP-XTURA™ 65 by InnovoPro is a game-changing innovation for the fast-growing meat analogue market, enabling food manufacturers to create plant-based burgers, nuggets and more, with a great-tasting, nutritious, textured ingredient that is rich in protein and has a desirable amino-acids combination.
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