Results from a New Survey of Data Privacy Regulations in 61 Countries

Privacy policy

It seems that no week passes by without yet another revelation of how the most successful tech companies play with our data. When your business is driven by data, you are driven to ignore possible data leaks, to question the rights of your users to their own data, and to use double-speak whenever the question of data privacy arises.

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Note-Writing Robots Pen Letters In Your Handwriting

Bond, a New York startup, has created robots that can learn your handwriting and convert digital notes into personalized letters.

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The $250K Median Salary of Data Scientists Managers is Why Google and Salesforce Invested $20B in Self-Service Data Science

2019 salaries of data scientists–managers (Burtch Works)

Earlier this month, Salesforce announced the acquisition of data visualization and analytics leader Tableau for $15.7 billion and Google announced the acquisition of data discovery and analytics platform Looker for $2.6 billion. Both acquired companies will beef up the acquiring companies’ Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) capabilities, providing their enterprise customers with a wide range of easy (or easier) to use tools that “democratize” data preparation, integration, analysis, and presentation.

With self-service data science, all business users that do not have statistical analysis background and don’t know how to code can make data-driven decisions, instead of relying on expensive and hard-to-find data scientists.

How expensive? The average annual base salary for an experienced data scientist in a management position is currently $257,443 according to Burtch Works.

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Lessons for Corporate Venture Capital Firms from the early days of Intel Capital

Avram Miller

Corporate venture capital (CVC) firms broke records last year. Funding increased 47% to $52.95 billion and 264 new corporate venture groups invested for the first time, a 35% increase over 2017. There were 773 active CVCs worldwide in 2018, participating in 23% of all VC-backed deals, with the average CVC deal size reaching an all-time high of $26.3 million, according to CB Insights.

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AI by the numbers, May 2019

AI optimists drive enterprise adoption

US federal government contract obligations and AI-related investments grew almost 75% to nearly $700 million between fiscal 2016 and 2018 [Federal News Network].

85% of US CEOs and business leaders are AI optimists; 87% are investing in AI initiatives this year; 82% expect their businesses will be disrupted by AI to some extent within the next three years; 29% said AI will disrupt more than half of their business; 47% see China as the biggest obstacle to the advancement of AI in the US; 33% say employee trust is one of the greatest barriers to AI adoption [EY].

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AI by the numbers, April 2019

Enterprise adoption and attitudes: Some progress, some FOMO

25% of businesses surveyed have implemented cognitive technologies such as AI or machine learning, either as pilot projects or as long-term strategies; 41% are using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) extensively or across multiple functions, 26% of respondents are using robotics, 22% are using AI; 64% saw growth ahead in robotics, 80% predicted growth in cognitive technologies, and 81% predicted growth in AI (Deloitte 2019 Global Human Capital Trends).

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Why Israel is the leader of the $100B medical marijuana market

Cannabis plant, BOL Pharma, Israel

Opening the CannaTech conference earlier this month, former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak quipped that Israel is now the “land of milk, honey and cannabis.” Given the recent performance of the cannabis-related stocks traded on the Tel-Aviv stock exchange (Barak is Chairman of InterCure whose stock appreciated 1000% in 2018), are investors getting high on nothing more than a buzz bubble?

Behind the buzz about “marijuana millionaires,” Yuge market potential, and volatile stocks (InterCure’s stock nearly tripled earlier this year but is now 25% off its peak), is a serious 55-year-old Israeli enterprise of pioneering interdisciplinary research into the medical benefits of cannabis. Supported by a perfect climate for growing cannabis, it has led to a very supportive climate—academic, regulatory, and entrepreneurial—for developing botanical-sourced pharmaceutical-grade products. Like the rest of the world, Israel has considered cannabis (and still does) to be a “dangerous drug,” but unlike the rest of the world, it has not let the stigma deter its insatiable curiosity about cannabis’s therapeutic potential.

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