Profiles in Data Science: Cameron Marlow

Current position: Research Scientist and Manager, Data Science Team,  Facebook

Bio:  Before Facebook, where he studies various aspects of social behavior including influence, diffusion, self-presentation and personal networks, Marlow worked at Yahoo Research Berkeley where he ran the Social Motives group studying the social incentives in emerging applications such as Flickr,, and  Later he joined Yahoo! Research and continued to work on social search, community evolution, and network topology. Marlow holds a Ph.D. from MIT’s Media Lab.

Quotable quote: “This is the first time the world has seen this scale and quality of data about human communication… For the first time, we have a microscope that not only lets us examine social behavior at a very fine level that we’ve never been able to see before but allows us to run experiments that millions of users are exposed to…. It’s hard to predict where we’ll go, because we’re at the very early stages of this science. The number of potential things that we could ask of Facebook’s data is enormous.”

Papers/presentations/posts/interviews: The Structural Determinants of Media Contagion (Ph.D. Thesis)The Role of Social Networks in Information DiffusionWhat Facebook Knows