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Cybersecurity Chiefs: Steve Martino, Cisco

To be a successful Chief Information officer (CISO) today, “you have to be a good translator,” says Steve Martino. This means translating the business strategy to the risk the company is willing to take. Instead of talking about “malware” and … Continue reading

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Cybersecurity Chiefs: Roland Cloutier, ADP

Chief Security Information Officers (CISOs), says Roland Cloutier, are becoming “first and foremost business leaders.” The way he sees it, cybersecurity today is an important component of any business’ critical success factors. Cloutier calls the new discipline “operational risk management,” … Continue reading

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Cybersecurity Chiefs: Andy Ellis, Akamai

The job of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), says Andy Ellis, is not to eliminate risks. “Our job is to help our companies make wiser risk choices,” is how Ellis describes the new cybersecurity paradigm. The way he sees it, … Continue reading

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2018 Predictions: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It is somewhat safe to predict that AI will continue to be at the top of the hype cycle in 2018. But the following 51 predictions also envision it becoming more practical and useful, automating some jobs and augmenting many … Continue reading

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2018 Predictions: Cybersecurity

Like death and taxes, there are only two safe predictions about cybersecurity in 2018: There will be more spectacular data breaches and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect on May 25. But as the continuing digital transformation … Continue reading

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Emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) Leaders: Rana el Kaliouby, Affectiva

“Without our emotions, we can’t make smart decisions,” says Rana el Kaliouby. In the field of artificial intelligence, this is sheer heresy. Isn’t the goal of AI to create a machine with human-level intelligence but without the human “baggage” of … Continue reading

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Facebook, Amazon, Disney Practice AI and GE, DBS, BNY Mellon Do Digital Transformation

Searching recently for evidence of artificial intelligence taking over our jobs, lives, and everything else, Tom Davenport came up empty. “Nary a robot overlord to be found,” he declared at the 14th  MIT Sloan CIO Symposium. A day later, at the … Continue reading

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Consumers Prefer Smartphones To George Clooney, Family, Friends, Even Sex

Would you give up your smartphone for a month in exchange for a day with George Clooney or any other celebrity? If you answered “yes,” you are in a disappearing minority. Almost three-quarters of smartphone users worldwide refuse to substitute … Continue reading

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33 Facts and Forecasts About Chatbots and Voice Assistants

To help with your chatbot information overload, here’s a handy list of numbers about the rising prominence of online messaging, voice interfaces, and having a conversation with your friendly AI assistant. Read the article on Forbes.com

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Richard Socher, Salesforce (Emerging AI Leaders Series)

“AI teaches us who we are,” says Richard Socher. The recent rapid progress in the field of artificial intelligence is the result of successfully processing “a large amount of known training data, doing things [the computer] has seen before,” he … Continue reading

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