Graduate Programs in Data Science and Big Data Analytics

Graduate Programs 

in Data Science and Big Data Analytics

Last updated: July 9, 2019

See below for online programs and courses and other options and resources

Aegis School of Business, Data Science & Telecommunication (India)

Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics and Big Data

American Sentinel University

Master of Health Care Informatics

Arizona State University

MS in Business Analytics

Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (Spain)

Master in Data Science

Barcelona Technology School (Spain)

Master in Big Data Solutions

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Beer-Sheva, Israel)

MSc in Information Systems Engineering with focus on Data Mining and Business Intelligence

Bentley University

M.S. in Marketing Analytics

Berlin School of Economics and Law (Germany)

Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Process Management

Brown University

Master’s in Data Science

Carnegie Mellon University

Master of Computational Data Science

Master of Information Systems Management (MISM) degree with a Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (BIDA) concentration

MS in Machine Learning

Catholic University of America

The Master of Science in Business Analysis

Central Connecticut State University

Master of Science in Data Mining

Graduate Certificate in Data Mining

Central Michigan University

Graduate Certificate in Data Mining

City University London (UK)

MSc in Data Science

Clarkson University

MS in Data Analytics

Columbia University

Master of Science in Data Science

Master of Science in Information and Knowledge Strategy

Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences

Cornell University 

Masters of Engineering in Operations Research and Information Engineering – Data Analytics Concentration

Dartmouth College

PhD in Quantitative Biomedical Sciences

Data ScienceTech Institute (Paris and Nice, France)

MSc in Data Science

MSc in Big Data Analytics

DePaul University

M.S. in Predictive Analytics

Drexel University

Master of Science in Business Analytics

Donau-Universität Krems (Austria)

MSc in Data Studies

Dublin City University (Ireland)

MSc in Computing (Data Analytics Major)

Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland)

MSc in Computing (Data Analytics)

Ecole Central Paris (France)

MSc in Data Science

Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands)

M.S. in Data Science

Fordham University

MS in Business Analytics

George Mason University

MS in Computational Science

PhD in Computational Sciences and Informatics

Georgetown University

Master of Science in Analytics with a concentration in Data Science

George Washington University

MS in Business Analytics

Harrisburg University

M.S. in Analytics

Harvard University

Master of Science (SM) in Computational Science and Engineering (CSE)

Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, UK)

MSc in Data Science

IE University (Madrid, Spain)

Master in Business Analytics and Big Data

Illinois Institute of Technology

Master of Data Science

Master of Science in Marketing Analytics and Communication

MBA in Business Analytics

Imperial College (London, UK)

MSc in Data Science and Management

Indiana University Bloomington

M.S. in Data Science

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis School of Informatics

PhD in Informatics

Iowa State University

Master of Business Analytics

Jacksonville University

Master of Science in Applied Business Analytics

Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (Netherlands)

Data Science Master’s Programs

John Hopkins University

Master of Science in Bioinformatics

Kennesaw State University

Master of Science in Applied Statistics

Lipscomb University

Master of Science in Informatics and Analytics 

Loras College

MBA in Business Analytics

Loyola University Maryland

Master of Science in Data Science

Louisiana State University

Master of Science in Analytics

Maastricht University (Maastricht, the Netherlands)

MSc in International Business/Business Intelligence

Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia)

Master of Data Science

Merrimack College

Master of Science in Data Science

Michigan State University

MS in Business Analytics


Master of Business Analytics (M.B.An.)

New College of Florida

Master in Data Science

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Graduate Certificate in Data Mining

New York University

MS in Data Science

MS in Business Analytics

MS in Applied Urban Science and Informatics

North Carolina State University

M.S. in Analytics

Northeastern University

Graduate Certificate in Data Science

MS in Bioinformatics

Northwestern University

Master of Science in Analytics

Nova Northeastern University

Graduate Certificate In Business Intelligence / Analytics

Oakland University

Master of Science in IT Management – Business Analytics

Pace University

MS in Customer Intelligence and Analytics

Purdue University

MBA in Business Analytics

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Master of Science in Business Analytics

Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen, UK)

MSc in Data Science

Rutgers University

MBA in Analytics and Information Management

MBS in Analytics

Saint Mary’s College

Master of Science in Data Science

Saint Peter’s University

Master of Science in Data Science

Stanford University

Matser of Science in Biomedical Informatics

Mining Massive Data Sets Graduate Certificate

Stevens Institute’s Wesley J. Howe School of Technology Management

Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics

Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence and Analytics

Swansea University (Wales, UK)

MSc in Health Data Science

Syracuse University School of Information Studies

Graduate Certificate of Advanced Studies in Data Science

MS in Applied Data Science

Texas A&M University

Master of Science in Analytics

Università di Pisa

Master in Big Data

University College Dublin (Ireland)

MSc in Business Analytics

University College London (UK)

MSc in Machine Learning

University of Auckland (Auckland, New Zealand) 

Master of Professional Studies–Data Science

University of California, San Diego

Master of Advanced Study in Data Science and Engineering

University of Chicago

Master of Science in Analytics

M.S. in Computer Science/Data Analytics

University of Cincinnati

MS in Business Analytics

University of Connecticut

MS in Business Analytics and Project Management

University of Dundee (Dundee, UK)

MSc in Data Engineering

MSc in Data Science

University of Edinburgh (UK)

Informatics MSc

PhD in Data Science

University of Essex (Colchester, UK)

MSc Big Data and Text Analytics

University of Glasgow (UK)

MSc Data Science

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Master of Science in Statistics/Analytics Concentration

University of Iowa

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

University of Magdeburg (Magdeburg, Germany)

MSc in Data and Knowledge Engineering

University of Maryland

Master of Science in Business for Marketing Analytics

University of Maryland University College

Master of Science in Data Analytics

University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

MS in Data Science

University of Michigan-Dearborn

MS in Business Analytics

University of Rochester Simon School of Business

MS in Business Analytics

University of San Francisco

M.S. in Analytics

University of Southern California Marshall School of Business

Master of Science in Business Analytics

University of Stirling (UK)

MSc in Big Data

University of Tennessee

Master’s in Business Analytics

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

Ph.D. in Analytics

University of Texas at Austin

Master of Science in Business Analytics

University of Virginia

Master of Science in Data Science

University of Warwick (UK)

MSc in Data Analytics

University of Washington

Certificate in Data Science

Virginia Commonwealth University

Master of Science in Business with a decision sciences and business analytics concentration

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

M.S. in Data Science

PhD in Data Science

York University

MSc in Business Analytics

Fellowship/Training Programs


The Data Incubator

Data Science for Social Good 

Data Science DOJO

Insight Data Science Fellows

NYC Data Science Academy

Zipfian Academy

Online University Programs

Aegis School of Business, Data Science and Telecommunication

Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics and Big Data

American Sentinel University

Master of Geospatial Information Systems Program

Arizona State University

Master of Advanced Study in Health Informatics

Bay Path University

MS in Applied Data Science

Brandeis University

Master of Science in Strategic Analytics

Carnegie Mellon University

Master of Science in Business Analytics

City University of New York

M.S. In Data Analytics

Elmhurst College

M.S. in Data Science

Harrisburg University

M.S. in Analytics

Indiana University

M.S. in Data Science

Lewis University

Master of Science in Data Science

Maryville University

Master of Science in Business Data Analytics

Northwestern University

Master of Science in Predictive Analytics

Nova Northeastern University

Graduate Certificate In Business Intelligence / Analytics 

Saint Joseph’s University

Master of Science in Business Intelligence & Analytics

Saint Mary’s College

MS in Data Science

Southern Methodist University

Master of Science in Data Science

Thomas Edison State College

MBA in Data Analytics

University of North Carolina

MBA (Data Analytics and Decision Making Concentration)

University of California, Berkeley 

Master of Information and Data Science

University of California, Riverside

Master of Science in Engineering (Data Science specialization)

University of Wisconsin

Master in Data Science

Online Courses (Free)


Computing for Data Analysis

Data Analysis and Statistical Inference

Web Intelligence and Big Data

Process Mining: Data science in Action

Data Society Online Courses

Intro to Data Science, Machine Learning, etc.


Data Science and Machine Learning Essentials

Wiretaps to Big Data: Privacy and Surveillance in the Age of Interconnection

Harvard University

Data Science



Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Statistics

Online Courses (for a fee)


Data Scientist Track

Booz Allen Hamilton

Explore Data Science


Data Science Specialization

Executive Data Science Specialization


Tackling the Challenges of Big Data


Exploratory Data Analysis

Intro to Data Science

Introduction to Hadoop and MapReduce

University of California, Irvine

Introduction to Data Science

Note: For similar lists, including undergraduate programs, see here and here and here and here


2019 Salaries Of Data Scientists

A Very Short History of Data Science

A Very Short History of Big Data

A Very Short History Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Harvard Data Science Review




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123 Responses to Graduate Programs in Data Science and Big Data Analytics

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  2. Richard Giambrone says:

    Gil, Thank you for this nice list. It’s amazing to see analytics becoming a recognized discipline. I think not too long ago, we would have had separate tracks in MBA, Statistics and Computer Science programs. A little bit here, a little bit there, but not a unified approach.

  3. Tom says:

    I’d like to add that Indiana University, in addition to an Informatics school, is one of the first MBA programs in the nation to offer a major in Business Analytics through the MBA program.

  4. Mark Parker says:

    Thanks for the list of grad schools. Is there a similar list for the Undergraduate Programs somewhere?

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  9. UC Irvine has a predictive analytics certificate program

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  11. Alan Moore says:

    Gil, thanks for the list.

    Can I add the MSc Computer Science (data analytics) at DIT Dublin

    And Smurfit Business School Dublin



  12. Jason says:

    Do you know of a website/list that ranks each of these program? (Obviously, ignoring the fact that each program is unique and has its own pros and cons depending on the needs of the person applying.)

    Or which are the top/most respected programs?

  13. Debbie says:

    The George Washington University ( has launched a new Master of Science in Business Analytics with the inaugural class beginning in Fall 2013! It looks like a great blend of Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive analytics, with applications in functional areas.

  14. Onlooker says:

    Do any of these publish graduate salary statistics/surveys? I figure a good analyst would want to be assured that these programs have the data to back up their utility…

  15. Onlooker says:

    I found some salary statistics for Carnegie Mellon’s program, median of $90k –

    Over half of students have a background in Computer Science/Information Science, and grads in those disciplines already earn $85k about coming out of undergraduate college. And median work experience among graduates is about a year. ( ). So it’s a little unclear if say, the business background grads (a quarter of the class) and engineering grads (~30% of the class) are getting those $90k salaries too. Of course, you may prefer data science work anyway, so money is less of a concern. There also may be greater opportunity for growth in data science, as opposed to what these people were doing before. Graduate’s previous salaries, or before and after salary comparisons, are not available either.

    I skimmed the sites of Northwestern, Johns Hopkins and NYU and didn’t find anything.

  16. seth says:

    University of Rochester Simon School of Business offers a MS with concentration in Business Analytics.

    • Alan Moore says:

      Three more courses in Ireland;
      The government are providing two one year conversion courses at level 8 which equates to the 4th year of an honours undergraduate. These are offered at:
      Cork Institute of technology – Higher Diploma in Science in Data Science and Analytics
      National College of Ireland (Dublin) – Higher Diploma in Science in Data Analytics

      There is also a new Diploma in Data Business run jointly by University College Cork and the Irish Management Institute in Dublin.

      The Irish Government is funding a Centre for Applied Data Analytics Research (CeADAR) which will be led by UCD.

  17. the Unuiversity of Wisconsin Lubar School of Business offers an online graduate certificate in business analytics. It may be completed alone, or in combination with our MBA program or MS in Management program.

    • Alan Moore says:

      Another Irish university course

      Dublin City University. Very strong in technical subjects and good commercial links.
      They run a MSc in Computing with data analytics as one of three Majors.

      • Fabio says:

        Hi Alan,
        I’m interested in applying to a data analytics Irish MSc programme.

        DIT’s vs. DCU’s: which is better?

        DIT offers a well-structured analytics-based curriculum.

        On the other hand, DCU seems to not offer specific analytics module:

        Do you have further information?

        Thank you.


      • Alan Moore says:

        Hi Fabio,

        My preference would be DCU based on my previous experience of studying there. Also DCU is a university where DIT is an institute of technology so employers would likely be more impressed with DCU.

        There are three potential downsides to DCU:
        1) they will really make you work! Unlike some other institutions you really need to put in the time to earn the credits. Upside is you will know your subject when you leave.
        2) the location on the north side of Dublin is not ideal but the bus services are very good.
        3) it is the first year the course is being offered. Upside is the class size will only be 10 in number I believe and they will be looking for continuous feedback. The module descriptors will not be confirmed for another two weeks but ring the department and ask them to contac you when they have more information.

        The Market is good here for graduates in the field as it is identified as a key shortage for the financial BPO and shared services sector which, along with IT, are big partS of Dublin’s economy.

        Hope this helps.

  18. There are also programs outside traditional universities, usually delivered online and more business-oriented, with a real focus on big data, modern data science and very high standards. Our Data Science Apprenticeship is an example: click on for details.

  19. Olu O. says:

    Cornell University has a Masters of Engineering program – Operations Research and Information Engineering – Data Analytics Concentration

  20. Fabio says:

    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute offers a Master of Science in Business Analytics; this program is the result of a collaboration between RPI and IBM.

  21. Illinois Institute of Technology now offers a unique interdisciplinary Master’s in Data Science:

    As well as a BS in Computer Science with a Data Science specialization:

  22. chirag says:

    HI there,

    Do you have a list where only the programs that are completely online are listed?


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  24. Shawn says:

    One more school opens the MSBA program: Catholic University of America

  25. qmbu says:

    Hi there!

    Could anyone help me and give some advice about European universities, which are the better and some comments if you know something pleasee!!

    Very best! Thanks in advanced!

  26. If you’re interested in a little further afield – the University of Auckland, New Zealand has a Masters in Professional Studies (Data Science) – the first in NZ.

    • Mudit bhatnagar says:

      Hi Fabio…..I have an admit for this course , can you provide me the feedback of this course?

      • Fabio says:

        Hi Mudit,
        I’m sorry but I never enrolled in this course, I just listed it after having found it on the web.

  27. Paul Russo says:

    Hi Gil, City University of New York offers a fully-online MS in Data Analytics. Focus is on quantitative methods, computation, data management/manipulation-all grounded in a variety contexts). It’s a 36-credit program that can be completed in three semesters with a total cost just under $16,000 for both in-state and out-of-state residence. Great if you can add to your lists.


    Thanks, Paul

  28. Karthik Srinivasan says:

    Indian Institute of Science(IISc) offers Master of Management with specialization in Business Analytics based on CAT/GATE scores which are competitive exams in India as well as the GMAT score.

  29. prasen says:

    Royal Holloway, University of London know for its excellence in Information security group is launching new courses in Big data.

    Computer Learning Research Center in Royal Holloway also has crazy research in the field of machine learning and therefore good Phd prospects.

  30. eric says:

    University of South Florida (USF) has an online program that started this summer.

  31. Dominik Cyg says:

    There is also Erasmus Mundus course in Data Mining and Knowledge Management. European graduate program which comprises 6 universities in Europe.

  32. Saurabh says:

    I was looking for study opportunities in North America for MS in Analytics.
    I am from India and wanted to know if any university offers scholarships for a full time course for MS in Analytics to international student.

  33. The University of Otago will be offering a Master in Business Data Science from 2014 (subject to CUAP approval).

  34. Mahsa says:

    Thank you for the awesome list! It’s amazing! last year there were fewer universities which offered Data mining courses, now there a lot of institutes!

  35. Andrei says:

    University of Georgia has an MBA in Business Analytics taught by MIS faculty.

  36. Emrall says:

    What are data science best studies in UK ?(With best content)
    UCL, Royal Holloway, Dundee, Essex or Sheffield Hallam (MSc Big Data Analytics) ?

    • Fabio says:

      I don’t know which is better, anyway there are also:
      Coventry (MSc Data Science and Computational Intelligence),
      Leeds (MSc Advanced Computer Science (Data Analytics)),
      UEL (MSc Data Science),
      Bournemouth (MSc Applied Data Analytics)
      Warwick (MSc Data Analytics).

      Moreover other data mining/business intelligence-related courses (St Andrews, Manchester, East Anglia, BCU, DMU, Greenwich, Westminster,…) can be suitable for a career in data science.

  37. Alex says:

    A new program in France opened in 2013 :
    Telecom Paristech, Advanced Master degree in Big data : Large Scale Data Management & Analysis


  38. Dario says:

    You may want to add the courses in data analytics provided for free by the John Hopkins University at They include “Data Analysis” by Jeff Leek ( and “Computing for Data Analysis” by Roger Peng (

  39. Akshay Lahoti says:

    Hey My name is Akshay from India, Does this list include universities offering full time class room post graduation programs in Data Science/ Analytics/ Big Data/Operations Research/Machine Learning/Data Mining/Data Engineering?

    I am looking for full time post graduation class room programs in Data Sciences that includes Machine learning Algorithms, Applied Statistics and Operations Research subjects with Linear Algebra approach (more Mathematical than theoretical) More practical Application based and also has subjects related to Design of Experiment? Can someone please help by guiding me.

    Also, I am not rich (actually lower middle class..!) so what would be the most cost effective program and university? I have done my graduation in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal. I dont want to enroll for course that are taught from Managers/decision makers point of view but researchers point of view.

  40. sandhaya says:

    If any one interested to do online education courses on new technology like big data analytics,sem & ppc,Big data hadoop then you can attend our interactive live classes by our instructor and you can also prefer some of the links :

    Iam sure ,This will help you.

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  44. Andy H says:

    Here are a couple more…

    Glasgow University, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
    MSc Data Science

    Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
    MSc in Data Science

  45. Ajay says:

    You should also include some high quality online courses from private institutes in India like Edvancer at or

  46. Mary says:

    Great list! Can you please add Pace University’s MS in Analytics program to your next update? Thanks so much!

  47. tal says:

    Hello, thank you so much for this great and detailed list!
    please kindly advise if there are good courses of Informatics and data mining tools which can be taken Online Only and are NOT part of MS programs? any accredited specific courses or certified for those who want to work as information miners but cannot afford paying the full MS studies, just to have a specific course diploma??
    many thanks – Tal

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  49. dev says:

    is masters of science program at university of cincinnati very good?there has been a big hype for that particular course.can anyone help me out here?

  50. Brent says:

    Lipscomb University in Nashville just started a MS in Analytics and Informatics.

  51. Dear Gil, thank you very much for this list. We at the Berlin School of Economics and Law will start a new master “Business Intelligence and Process Management” in October. More Information:

  52. Arasu says:

    I am looking for part time PhD program. Can someone suggest me top Universities

    • Tom Miller says:

      Does top University mean extermly expensive and/or hard to get into? Online? Local to you? There are online PhD programs in business. I can’t claim they compete with Harvard however. Perhaps getting a Masters in Data Science/Business Analytics/Analytics and then pursuing a PhD would make sense?

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  55. Reblogged this on The Brussels Data Science Community and commented:
    great list of training

  56. M says:

    The University of Chicago has a MS in Computer Science program where you can specialize in data analytics

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  62. Big data is a popular term used to describe the exponential growth and availability of data, both structured and unstructured. And big data may be as important to business – and society – as the Internet has become. Why? More data may lead to more accurate analyses.
    if you have outstanding mathematical, computer science, and analytical skills, and thrive when tasked with tough problems, then you have the makings of a data scientist.

    We invite you to find out more about our MS in Data Science program.

    see more Learn Data Analytics

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  64. Pat Reams says:

    Excellent list. Do you know of a list for schools that offer a PhD or DBA in Analytics or a related venue? Thanks.

  65. TUe_DSCe says:

    The Eindhoven University of Technology ( also has a Master track on Data Science:
    The Data Science Center Eindhoven (DSC/e) is an institute of this University that shortly will provide a Data Science & Entrepreneurship Master.
    The scientific director of the DSC/e (, W. van der Aalst is leading in the field of process mining and has given a MOOC on Coursera ( free of charge with over 36.000 participants.

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  67. bradley says:

    North Carolina A&T State University offers a MS and PhD in Computational Science and Engineering, with classes in parallel computing, machine learning, data mining, statistics and numerical algorithms. It is also a Cloudera Academic Partner and offers research opportunities in big data.

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  71. Léo says:

    A new institute is opening in France, Data ScienceTech Institute, with two intensive and innovative MSc programs in Data Science and Big Data in Paris and Nice:

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  73. anil says:

    EIUBS offers Online Business Management Courses which build Critical Managerial Abilities using practice based learning methods. Thus participants not only gain knowledge but can also use concepts, methods, tools and technology for improving business performance.

  74. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about indesign training videos.

  75. Amy Levin says:

    I already have a BS Computer Science and an MBA. Do I need an MS in Data Science or Analytics to become a Data Scientist?

    • GilPress says:

      I’m sure it all depends on the experience you have (or not have) in data analysis. Take a look at job openings for data scientists and see what they list as required skills and experience.

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  79. Danish says:

    Hey, this is a great list 🙂
    Im looking for a good program related to Big data analytics/data science/BI. Even though its the ‘IN’ thing right now, apparently there are no TUs offering any suitable program. Would be really grateful if you could tell me of any 🙂

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  81. We have been offering courses in Big Data and Data Analytics for quite some time in our multi-disciplinary Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science department. This fall we began offering a specialization in “Big Data and Data Analytics” within our MS in computing degree program. Our Computational Sciences program includes an MS and PHD that emphasizes scientific and engineering problems. It focuses on discovery, implementation, simulation, and application of math-based models to solve problems and predict outcomes. We also offer a Bioinformatics programs that deals with the use of big data and analytics in molecular, cellular, physiological and particularly, genetic systems.

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  84. Robin White says:

    Cool lists! Personally, I recommend to take some local courses rather than going to college. It is because of cost. I have taken those courses to be a data scientist, and right now, I am pretty much familiar with some essential skills for being data scientist.

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  87. Brain Robert says:

    Great info ! All put together helps college goers make their decision a wiser way. i would like to recommend a few colleges providing Business Analytics Courses & Certification in India.
    Great Lakes (Choose PGPM-Ex Admissions – Great Learning)
    Sunstone Business school (Sunstone Business School-India’s largest management program for working professionals)
    RVS Coimbatore IBM-backed specialization in Business Analytics. ( )
    SP Jain (Big Data And Analytics Program)

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  89. Brian says:

    The Mason School of Business at The College of William & Mary will be welcoming 50 students this fall into their newly launched MS in Business Analytics. The full-time one-year program focuses on business acumen, applied mathematics, computing technologies and communicating with an impact.

  90. Hi all, I am interested in an online PhD program in Data Science/Analytics. I have searched a bit and can’t find any. Are there any online PhD programs out there in Data Science? If they aren’t what advice does anyone have for a professional in the work field that wants to acquire PhD while working? I currently work at the bank in modeling related area and hold a graduate degree in financial engineering. Many thanks!!

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  92. Kyle Hofer says:

    Cal Poly offers an M.S. in Business Analytics program. Which is a full-time, on-site program completed in just 10 months. Masters Business Analytics

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