The AI and Automation Buzz


CB Insights: Media buzz around AI, robotics, and automation increased significantly towards the end of 2016.

JP Gownder, Forrester:

The forward march of automation technologies — which include hardware (e.g. robots, digital kiosks), software (e.g. AI), and customer self-service (e.g. mobile ordering) — continues to reshape the world economy. Automation has already begun to reshape every company’s workforce, including yours. Leaders across all roles, companies, and verticals are taking note; right now, my report The Future of Jobs, 2027: Working Side-by-Side with Robots is one of the five best-read among all reports at Forrester. We forecast a world in which automation cannibalizes 17% of US jobs by 2027, partly offset by the growth of 10% new jobs from the automation economy. Most importantly, we see human-machine teaming as a key workforce trend in the future, as more and more human employees find themselves working side-by-side with robotic colleagues.

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AI to Add $16 Trillion to Global Economy in 2030



HT: @miguelselas

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AI is Fastest-Growing Marketing Technology


Source: Louis Columbus and SalesForce

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The Evolution of AI and the Technologies Accelerating it Today



Source: Tracxn

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AI Technologies Today and Tomorrow


Source: Callaghan Innovation (Infographic)

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What’s the Big Data?


Source: CSC

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AI in Cybersecurity Startups Landscape


Source: CB Insights

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