1.71 Billion Websites

Infographic: How Many Websites Are There? | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

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The Web At 30, Or What Has Tim Berners-Lee Wrought?

A Very Short History Of The Internet And The Web

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Data is Eating the World: The Video

Source: Seagate/IDC

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60% of U.S. companies expect to be using AI by 2022

Recent opinion surveys sponsored by Genesys examine the attitudes of U.S. employers and employees about the rising adoption of AI in the workplace — and the impact they think it will have on jobs.

Source: Genesys

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AI by the Numbers: 39% of Executives Worldwide Believe China Will Overtake the US in AI

The recent surveys, studies, forecasts and other quantitative assessments of the health and progress of AI provided new numbers regarding business leaders’ assessment of China as a global AI leader, the current worldwide ranking of China’s AI-related entrepreneurial and research activities, plans for AI adoption by U.S. enterprises and expectations regarding its impact on jobs, and the use of AI in face recognition, physical security monitoring, cashierless retail, categorizing open-ended survey responses, and detecting plant diseases and atrial fibrillation.

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IDC: $2.6 Billion AI Software Platforms Market, Growing at 26.6%

“The artificial intelligence software platforms market experienced steady growth in 2018, with revenue of $2.6 billion and a growth rate of 26.6%,” says David Schubmehl, research director, Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence Systems, IDC. ” IDC is seeing that in 2018 organizations have been moving from experimentation to production with the use of AI applications within their business processes. The AI software platforms market is seeing growth in providing the tools and capabilities that organizations are using to develop these applications. IDC expects to see this trend to continue, even though open source platforms and technologies are also seeing growth in this market.”

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Artificial Intelligence (AI): A Brief History

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Fintech Funding Reached $8.3 Billion in Q2 2019

CB Insights: Funding to VC-backed fintech companies grew 24% QoQ in Q2’19 and neared previously quarterly funding highs.

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