Extra! Extra! 42 Additional 2020 Cybersecurity Predictions

From disrupting elections to targeted ransomware to privacy regulations to deepfakes and malevolent AI, 141 cybersecurity predictions for 2020 did not exhaust the subject so here are additional 42 from senior cybersecurity executives.

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Robot Augmentation

You may have heard “AI” explained as “augmented intelligence,” i.e.., robots supporting or enhancing human intelligence. Now, researchers at Amazon are experimenting with robot augmentation:

“…researchers at Amazon’s Alexa AI division developed a framework that endows agents with the ability to ask for help in certain situations. Using what’s called a model-confusion-based method, the agents ask questions based on their level of confusion as determined by a predefined confidence threshold, which the researchers claim boosts the agents’ success by at least 15%.”

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Cybersecurity Startup Closes the Gap Between Security and DevOps

Cybersecurity startup Rezilion emerged from stealth today, announcing $8 million in seed funding, led by Jerusalem Venture Partners. JVP was joined by Kindred Capital, LocalGlobe, Samsung NEXT, and a number of angel investors. Founded by serial cybersecurity entrepreneurs Liran Tancman and Shlomi Boutnaru, Rezilion’s cloud protection solution aims to close the existing gap between security and DevOps, the set of established practices and processes for developing software applications.

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120 AI Predictions for 2020

Me: “Alexa, tell me what will happen in 2020.”

Amazon AI: ”Here’s what I found on Wikipedia: The 2020 UEFA European Football Championship…[continues to read from Wikipedia]”

Me: “Alexa, give me a prediction for 2020.”

Amazon AI: “The universe has not revealed the answer to me.”

Well, some slight improvement over last year’s responses, when Alexa’s answer to the first question was “Do you want to open ‘this day in history’?” As for the universe, it is an open book for the 120 senior executives featured here, all involved with AI, delivering 2020 predictions for a wide range of topics: Autonomous vehicles, deepfakes, small data, voice and natural language processing, human and augmented intelligence, bias and explainability, edge and IoT processing, and many promising applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies and tools. And there will be even more 2020 AI predictions, in a second installment to be posted here later this month.

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KDD 2020 Opens Call for Research and Applied Data Science Paper Submissions

ACM SIGKDD Invites Industry and Academic Experts to Submit Advancements in Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery and Machine Learning for 26th Annual Conference in San Diego

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The Accelerating Complexity of AI Models

“The number of parameters in a neural network model is actually increasing on the order of 10x year on year. This is an exponential that I’ve never seen before and it’s something that is incredibly fast and outpaces basically every technology transition I’ve ever seen… So 10x year on year means if we’re at 10 billion parameters today, we’ll be at 100 billion tomorrow,” he said. “Ten billion today maxes out what we can do on hardware. What does that mean?”–Naveen Rao, Intel

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Data Is Eating The World: Mobile Data Traffic Growth

Ericsson: In Q3 2019, mobile data traffic grew 68 percent year-on-year. The high growth rate continues to be influenced by the increased number of smartphone subscriptions in India and increased data traffic per smartphone per month in China. The quarter-on-quarter growth for Q3 2019 was 12 percent. In general, traffic growth is being driven by both the rising number of smartphone subscriptions and an increasing average data volume per subscription, fueled primarily by more viewing of video content

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