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About the CrushOn AI Tool

CrushOn AI is an NSFW Character AI chatbot that lets you have naughty chats freely. You can talk about your desires and thoughts with virtual characters like video games or anime ones. You can even chat with two characters at once for more fun!

The platform is welcoming to everyone, offering support in many languages. It also trains AI characters to get better over time by learning from users’ interactions. Users need to give details like names, photos, traits, and other information to help with this training.

The main features of CrushOn AI are:

  • Access unrestricted NSFW content – explore a wide range of adult content without limitations or restrictions.
  • Participate in natural language conversations- engage in every day chats with your AI Girlfriend, making interactions feel more like talking to a real person.
  • Train AI characters- help develop AI characters by providing feedback and guiding their responses, determining their interactions and personalities.
  • Fun and engaging community to share experiences- join a lively community where you can share your experiences, tips, and stories with others.
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