The $250K Median Salary of Data Scientists Managers is Why Google and Salesforce Invested $20B in Self-Service Data Science

2019 salaries of data scientists–managers (Burtch Works)

Earlier this month, Salesforce announced the acquisition of data visualization and analytics leader Tableau for $15.7 billion and Google announced the acquisition of data discovery and analytics platform Looker for $2.6 billion. Both acquired companies will beef up the acquiring companies’ Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) capabilities, providing their enterprise customers with a wide range of easy (or easier) to use tools that “democratize” data preparation, integration, analysis, and presentation.

With self-service data science, all business users that do not have statistical analysis background and don’t know how to code can make data-driven decisions, instead of relying on expensive and hard-to-find data scientists.

How expensive? The average annual base salary for an experienced data scientist in a management position is currently $257,443 according to Burtch Works.

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