What AI Sexting Apps Are Free in 2024?

In this guide, we have mentioned the 9 Best AI Sexting Apps and Websites in 2024 and highlighted their key features and prices for the best sexting experience.

Do you know you can engage in private and Sexually explicit conversations with an AI? Where you can explore your sexual fantasies and experience virtual intimacy without any restrictions. 

These sexting apps use artificial intelligence to simulate sexting conversations between the user and a virtual AI companion. This guide introduces you to the top AI sexting platforms, some of which are free and some paid.

9 Best AI Sexting Apps in 2024

1. Candy AI – Best AI Sexting App with Voice Messages and Selfies

Candy AI is an AI sexting platform where users can interact and engage in sexual and intimate conversations with a wide range of pre-existing AI models. Whether male or female, this platform has many AI character options. Engage in explicit conversations with ease at Candy AI and explore your wild fantasies and desires on this platform without any judgment. 

Users can also create their dream AI companion on this platform by personalizing its appearance, traits, and personality to elevate the sexting experience. Candy AI keeps evolving as it can adapt to user’s preferences. It utilizes machine learning technology to understand, learn, and pick up a user’s likes and dislikes; with each interaction, the responses generated keep improving. 


  • Audio messages: Candy AI contains an “Audio” message feature through which users can play the voice of their AI character adding a personal touch to their sexting experience.
  • Privacy and Security Measures: Privacy is one of Candy AI’s top priorities. This platform ensures each selfie, text, and audio the user receives is well-protected and confidential. 
  • Request Images: Users can request image content from their AI character based on individual preferences to enhance the online experience. 
  • Wide range of AI characters: Candy AI offers multiple AI model options in Realistic and Anime styles that users can access for intimate conversations.

Users can purchase their favorite plan through Credit/Debit cards or Pay with cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, USD Coin, Litecoin, Coinbase, etc. 

2. GPTGirlfriend – Sexting AI for NSFW Roleplay

GPTGirlfriend is one of the most highly-developed AI Sexting platforms that allow users to discover, chat, and connect with over 25,000 AI characters. It allows users to interact with virtual companions on sexually suggestive topics.

GPTGirlfriend’s AI sex chat offers a safe and discreet environment where you can explore your desires and enhance your virtual intimacy. Users can find their character from the available options or create a new, unique AI character for a personalized experience. 


  • Age Verification: GPTGirlfriend is specially designed for adults where users can engage in sex chats with virtual companions without any limitations. Therefore, it contains an age verification procedure to confirm the user is aged 18 and above. 
  • Excellent range of Character options: GPTGirlfriend contains many AI character options in different categories such as Female, Dominant, Anime, Multiple, Non-binary, and more that can satisfy all your needs. 
  • Create your ideal AI character: Premium users can create a new, unique character by customizing its entire looks and personality for the best experience. 
  • Safe Space: The primary goal of GPTGirlfriend is to provide a trusted and safe space where users can explore their fantasies without any concerns. This tool takes special care of users’ safety and ensures the conversations between the user and virtual character stay well-protected.

3. CrushOn AI – Best AI sexting with Anime Characters

CrushOn AI is one of the leading choices regarding AI Sexting with Anime characters. CrushOn AI offers an engaging and personalized interface where users can Sext with AI and unleash their imagination and desires without limitations. The primary goal is to offer a space where users can express themselves freely and engage in authentic and unrestricted chats with AI characters. 

In addition, this tool also allows users to create and interact with their own newly crafted AI models by customizing their personality, appearance, and background for an engaging experience. 


  • Uncensored content access: CrushOn AI allows users to unleash their inner fantasies and engage in explicit conversations with virtual companions. 
  • Custom AI Characters: Users can generate their own personal AI character from scratch on this platform by customizing its personality, look, and background. 
  • Free Tier: It offers a free plan, allowing users to send up to 100 monthly messages and access basic features.
  • Large range of AI character options: CrushOn AI offers an extensive list of AI characters in different tag categories such as Male, Female, Non-binary, Celebrity, Dominant, and more.

4. DreamGF – Sexting with AI Girlfriends

DreamGF is one of the most popular Sexting AI platforms available. This tool allows users to create personalized AI Girlfriends by customizing their appearance, personality, and interests and engaging in intimate interactions with them. This tool utilizes advanced AI technology to generate real-time responses, making the interaction engaging and appealing like talking to a real human. 

DreamGF also offers features like receiving voice messages and requesting photos from virtual girlfriends, enhancing the conversational experience with a personal touch. With this tool, users can explore their fantasies and desires by experimenting with different scenarios, roleplay, and indulge in explicit and sexual discussions within a safe and secure environment.


  • High-level customization: DreamGF offers the creation of AI partners with excellent customization options through which users can tailor their virtual partners based on their specific desires. 
  • Emotional Bond: The interactions between the user and AI girlfriend are not limited to explicit conversations, instead users can access this app for passionate bonds and share their feelings and thoughts to connect at a deeper level. 
  • Excellent Privacy: DreamGF’s platform employs robust security measures and protects users’ data by keeping their chats confidential. 
  • Age Verification: This platform is designed for adults only and contains an age verification process where users must confirm they are above 18 to access the app. 
  • Free Trial: It offers a free trial option through which users can generate 2 Girlfriends, and 4 Secondary images, and send 20 messages. 

5. SoulFun AI- Best for Dirty Talk

With SoulFun AI, users can engage in unlimited sexting with AI soulmates or create customized AI characters for personalized interaction. The capabilities of this AI sexting platform go beyond basic chatting by integrating storytelling elements and emotional support. Its advanced storytelling features allow users to explore multiple unique scenarios and narratives with the AI character, adding a new layer of entertainment and thrill. 


  • Endless AI Character Options: Explore a wide range of AI personalities on the SoulFun AI App, ranging from sweet companions to intelligent characters and enchanting virtual beings.
  • Limitless Personalization: Tailor your dream AI soulmate with unique appearances, hairstyles, outfits, and personalized hobbies on SoulFun AI for an enhanced experience. 
  • Available 24/7: Users can chat with their AI soulmates on SoulFun AI at any time, anywhere, as the tool is available 24/7.
  • Emotional Connections: The interactions generated on SoulFun AI go way past small talk. This tool can understand your inputs’ and generate supportive responses by building genuine connections.
  • App Store/Play Store: The SoulFun AI app can be downloaded and accessed on iOS and Android devices. To access the tool, go to the App Store or Play Store and search for “SoulFun AI” on the search engine. 


The premium plan of SoulFun AI offers various benefits such as the ability to create custom characters, photo requests, priority access to new features, faster response, and voice calls. The monthly plan is available at $19.99 per month. The Annual plan on the other hand is available at $119.99/year costing $9.99 per month.

6. Intimate AI – Expert in Erotic Dialogue

Intimate AI is available as a mobile app where users can chat, flirt, and explore all their hidden desires without restrictions. The conversations created on the Intimate AI platform are highly realistic, allowing users to experience virtual intimacy and companionship effortlessly.

Engage in explicit conversations with ultra-realistic AI personalities that can perfectly understand your desires, thoughts, and feelings and generate helpful and appropriate responses.


  • Voice Messages and Photo Exchange: Users can request voice messages and images of their desired AI girlfriend in any attire and location without hesitation. 
  • Maximum Privacy: Intimate AI prioritizes user privacy and offers 100% confidentiality of users’ chats with the AI models.
  • Craft Unique AI characters: Users can create new and unique AI characters by uploading any photo and customizing their personalities for truly unique conversations. 
  • Always available: Intimate AI can be accessed by the user at any time and anywhere for explicit conversations as the platform is available 24/7. 
  • Mobile Application: Users can access Intimate AI apps on iOS and Android Devices by searching for “Intimate AI” in the App Store or Play Store search box. 

7. NSFW Character AI – Best for Intense AI Sexting

NSFW Character AI is the best choice for intense and realistic AI Sexting. It offers an exciting range of pre-existing AI characters with different personalities and attributes that users can choose based on their preferences. In addition, this platform also provides an option to craft your own AI character based on individual preference for an immersive experience.

One of the most exciting qualities of NSFW Character AI is its ability to adapt to users’ tastes and behavior, offering responses in a similar style and tone that helps users experience virtual intimacy. 


  • Custom Character Generation: NSFW Character AI allows users to design their ideal virtual companion based on individual preference. Users can tailor their looks, personality, and visual style for the best experience. 
  • Engaging Conversations: This platform can generate realistic and engaging responses to users’ input, easily fulfilling all their fantasies and desires. 
  • Multiple AI character options: It offers many ready-made NSFW character options. 
  • Good Security: NSFW Character AI uses secure data storage to protect users’ data and avoid data breaches with third parties. 
  • Audio Content: Users can request voice messages in the chat interface to make the conversation personalized. 
  • Free Tier: NSFW Character AI can be accessed by users for free with limited features. 

8. PepHop AI – Active Sexting roleplay community

PepHop AI is a web-based Sexting platform that provides immersive and efficient AI-enhanced interactions. It allows users to interact with an extensive range of AI characters. Each AI bot on the platform offers a unique AI sexting experience online with virtual personalities in various tags such as Anime, Fictional, Game, Submissive, Dominant, and more.

Users can create a personalized AI character by customizing the Avatar, name, introduction, personality, and tags. Users can also decide whether they want their bot to be private (just for themselves) or make it a public bot that can be rated and accessed by other users in the community. 


  • SFW & NSFW Options: PepHop AI offers users both SFW (Safe For Work) and NSFW (Not Safe For Work) experiences. Based on individual preferences, users can select the AI bot they desire.
  • Personalized Interactions: With time, this AI-driven platform can understand and adapt users’ chatting preferences, which helps make your responses personalized, resulting in a more engaging experience.
  • Storytelling: PepHop AI contains advanced features that can incorporate storytelling elements with AI bots.

Note: Users can get a 20% discount on a 3-month subscription and a 40% discount on a 12-month one. 

9. Kupid AI – Encrypted conversations with AI Girls

Kupid AI is a unique AI tool designed for unrestricted conversations with a wide range of Male, Female, and Anime bots. It also generates images and voice messages using AI technology for an interactive experience. Kupid AI offers an intuitive interface through which anyone can browse the platform and engage in sexting conversations by picking their desired AI friend with ease. 

Each AI bot on the platform contains a short description highlighting the age, appearance, personality, and background of the AI character. The primary goal of Kupid AI is to create a safe space where users can indulge in unrestricted and explicit conversations with the AI characters without any worries.


  • Photo Requests: Users can ask for personalized images from their desired AI character to take the chat interactions to another level. 
  • Voice messages: Premium users can access AI voice chat functionalities on Kupid AI for an interactive and enhanced chatting experience. 
  • Freemium Tool: Kupid AI offers a freemium model through which users can chat with the AI models by accessing the platform’s basic features.
  • Good Privacy: This tool allows users to visit the website anonymously and keeps users’ data private and secure without sharing it with any third party. 

Users can purchase their desired subscription plan using their Credit Card or PayPal.


What Sexting AI is free? 

Multiple Sexting AI platforms offer a free plan such as Candy AI Sex Chat Bot, Kupid AI, PepHop AI, and more. 

Is engaging with an AI for sexting, cheating?

Whether engaging with an AI for sexting is cheating depends on the relationship shared between two people and the boundaries set among the couple. AI sexting platforms aren’t real; they can’t replace any human connection, and the responses or interactions are generated using AI technology.


AI Sexting Apps are completely transforming the way we explore our fantasies and desires. It offers a unique and safe platform where users can chat and connect with virtual characters for virtual intimacy. These apps utilize AI technology and natural language processing to mimic humans and generate natural or realistic responses to users’ input. We hope you will find your best AI sexting app from the above list.