We Tested 8 Free AI Nudifiers To Nudify Images

AI Nudifiers are AI-powered tools that utilize advanced artificial intelligence technology and deep learning algorithms to nudify pics from existing images and transform them into AI Nude images. These tools help effortlessly Nudify any photo online and generate explicit content with precision and realism. But with a wide range of AI nudifiers options available in the market, choosing the most appropriate platform can be difficult.

This article will mention some of the best and most free nudify tools. Each tool contains unique features and capabilities to help you achieve your desired results.

These platforms are trained with large datasets of clothed and nude images to train the AI model to understand the clothes removal process and generate nude images. Regardless of AI nudifier’s capabilities to easily transform images, it’s important to use these platforms ethically and avoid using images of individuals without their consent.  

8 Free AI Nudifiers To Nudify Images

There is a wide range of AI Nudifiers tools that allow users to remove clothing from their existing images and convert them into nude images using just a few clicks. Here are some of the best AI nudifier that you should try:  

1. Promptchan AI

Promptchan AI is the ultimate AI nudifier tool that uses advanced artificial intelligence to produce uncensored and adult-oriented images. This nudify AI tool allows users to generate desired images in various styles such as Anime, Cinematic, Art, etc. The “Edit mode” of Promptchan AI allows users to tweak their images and instantly generate their desired outcomes. 

To transform your images into nudify images on Promptchan AI, you must start by signing up on the platform using your email. After this, click the “Edit” option and the image you wish to edit. Select an area and write a description of what you would like to change to remove clothing you write “Nudify” in the prompt. Now, click on the “Edit” option, and the advanced AI technology on Promptchan will begin processing your request and making changes to your image.

Overall, Promptchan AI is an excellent platform to Nudify your images and create a nude image in just a few clicks. Its simple interface makes it easier for anyone to access the platform and generate their desired results. 


  • Promptchan AI contains an “Explore” section, where users can browse a wide range of adult images and videos and gain prompt inspiration. 
  • It contains many style options such as Art, Hyper Anime, Cinematic, and Fur. 
  • The “Edit mode” option allows users to change their existing images and transform them into their desired outcome. 


The paid plans of Promptchan AI starts at $5.99/month. 

2. Soulgen AI 

Soulgen AI is a leading free AI nudifier that allows users to Nudify a clothed image using text prompts. Soulgen AI contains a simple interface that allows users to transform their casual images into Nude images with just a few simple clicks. Soulgen AI’s “Edit mode” allows users to perform various changes in their images, allowing users to nudify girls and objects using text prompts. 

Users must start signing up on Soulgen AI using their email addresses to use this platform. Next, navigate to the “Edit” option on your screen. Upload your image, and select the areas you want to change or remove. Enter a prompt specifying the changes and click the “Create” option. Soulgen AI will process your request and change your image quickly.


  • Users can create their desired AI images using Realistic and Anime-styled text prompts on Soulgen AI. 
  • Soulgen AI provides excellent customization options through which users can make a variety of changes in their images and generate their desired results instantly.
  • This tool contains advanced “Editing tools” that allow users to remove various objects from their existing images including clothes and transform them into a Nude image in just a few simple clicks. 
  • Premium plan subscribers also have an option to decide the total number of image generation. 


The monthly plan for Soulgen AI is available for $9.99. 

The Annual plan of Soulgen AI is available for $69.99. 

3. Nudify Online

Nudify Online is a free nudifier platform powered by deep learning algorithms that can create nudified versions of your images with the highest accuracy. Nudify Online contains an intuitive interface through which users can easily Nudify any image with just a few simple clicks and generate highly realistic undressed AI images.

To use Nudify Online, you need to sign up on the platform using your email ID. Next, you need to draw on the areas you wish to undress and use the brush available. After highlighting the areas, click the “Generate” options, and nudify online will begin the clothes removal process and generate your image. 

Nudify.Online Features: 

  • Nudify.Online offers a variety of resolution options for your images, including standard quality, high-quality, and ultra-high quality.
  • Users can convert their images into styles like Undress, Lingerie, Anime, and more. 
  • Nudify.Online allows users to select the image resolution for their photos. 

Nudify.Online Pricing: 

Basic Plan Standard Plan Pro Plan 
$5.49/month $16.99/month $37.99/month 
Medium quality High quality Excellent quality 

4. Candy AI

Candy AI

Candy AI is a chat application that provides users with a unique platform through which users can engage in conversations with various AI models and talk about everything. Candy AI is trained using large datasets of texts which helps them generate perfect responses to all the questions raised by users and provide a human-like interaction. 

This tool allows users to create their character by entering a prompt and choosing an Action, Body, Clothing, Scene, Accessories, and View. With this tool, users can unleash all their fantasies and desires and talk about any topic they want without any restrictions. Candy AI also allows users to engage in role-plays, voice messages, and even requests for images from their virtual companions for a personalized experience on the platform.


  • This tool contains excellent customization options for users to generate their desired virtual companion appearance. 
  • Candy AI also allows users to select the personality of their AI companion for more personalized interaction.
  • This tool offers both text and voice chat options.


The premium plan for Candy AI begins at $9.99/month. 

5. PornX.ai

PornX.ai is another impressive Nudify porn tool that allows users to create uncensored images with the help of easy-to-use filters. This advanced AI platform allows users to create their desired images without any registration process. This tool also offers a Nudify feature through which you can easily remove clothing from your images and transform them into nude images. 

To use this platform, you need to start by visiting the official site of Porn.AI and choosing the “Undress” option. Next, upload the image to Nudify and paint it on the zone you wish to change. After this, you have to select presets or leave them empty. Lastly, click “Generate.” Within a few seconds, PornX.ai will process your filters, remove clothing from your uploaded images, and create a nude image instantly.


  • This tool contains many AI-generated images that users can browse for inspiration.
  • PornX.AI generates high-quality and realistic-looking AI images. 
  • It contains a user-friendly interface. 
  • It offers a wide range of filters and style options that users can access to generate their desired AI images. 


PornX.ai offers a free plan with certain limitations to undress your images without any cost. To access advanced features, you have to subscribe to its premium plan mentioned below: 

6. Deepswap AI 

Deepswap AI is an advanced AI tool that allows users to create explicit images, videos, and GIFs by swapping the faces of other individuals on this platform. This tool utilizes advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to swap the faces of an individual in media. 

This tool also contains an excellent Editing feature through which users can effortlessly generate adult-oriented content by removing clothes from their images. To undress an image on Deep Swap AI, users must upload it and select the areas they wish to edit. Next, you need to provide a text prompt specifying the modifications you wish to witness and click on “Generate.” Deepswap AI will instantly process your textual prompts and perform various changes within a few seconds. 


  • Deepswap AI can create realistic-looking deep-swap videos, images, and GIFs. 
  • The advanced “Editing tools” of Deepswap AI allow users to remove clothes from existing images and generate high-quality results.
  • This tool contains a user-friendly interface that anyone can access regardless of technical expertise. 


  • 1-month plan: $9.99.
  • 12 months plan: $69.99. 

7. Pornderful.ai

Pornderful AI is a nudifier website that allows users to generate erotic and explicit images using its easy-to-use filters. This tool is specially designed for the adult audience to fulfill all the fantasies and desires of adults and generate high-quality porn images. 

This tool provides excellent customization options such as Body Features, Age, Facial expression, Haircut, and more. This allows users to decide on the overall appearance of the image to generate their desired outcome. A stand-out quality of Pornderful AI is its wide range of Body pose options for their character. Overall, Pornderful AI is a good image-generating platform for adult-oriented images that can be used to achieve all your desired fantasies and outcomes. 


  • This platform contains excellent customization options such as Body features, hair color, age, facial expression, etc. 
  • VIP users can also decide the size of their desired image on this platform for AI-generated photos. 
  • It contains a user-friendly interface that users can effortlessly utilize for image generation. 


The VIP Plan is available at $20/month and provides you access to Premium Tags, Unlimited Image Generations, Image Editor Capabilities, and much more.

8. Pornjourney

Pornjourney is another excellent AI nudifier platform that allows users to create AI-generated nude images using advanced AI technology. Users can create their desired explicit images on this platform by choosing a variety of filters. The stand-out quality of Pornjourney is its excellent customization options. 

This tool offers a variety of AI model options along with numerous body type choices, age, ethnicity, pose, hair color, haircut, outfit, and much more. The pro plan even offers an additional prompt feature, through which users can specify their requirements using text prompts to describe their requirements. 


  • Pornjourney offers good customization options for users to generate their desired outcomes effortlessly. 
  • This tool contains an easy-to-use interface that anyone can easily access. 
  • Pro plan users can access Prompt and Negative prompt features to specify their requirements to generate detailed and specific results. 


A free plan is available through which users can generate up to 100 Images per month. For additional features, users need to subscribe to its premium plan mentioned below:

Basic Pro Plan Ultimate Plan 
$4.99/month $7.99/month
500 images/month  Unlimited Images 

Ethical Applications of AI Nudifying

AI Nudifying tools can be used in numerous contexts such as the Entertainment industry. At times, AI nudify tools can be used to generate nudes as an alternative method to avoid any present difficulty or discomfort using a proper consent-driven approach towards adult-oriented content. 

Another ethical application of AI nudifying tools is using such tools in the education sector. Medical institutions can use such tools for human anatomy. AI nudifiers can be valuable aids in showcasing different aspects of the human body or subjects without using any actual human. However, having proper permissions and consent while accessing any images from the Nudifying sites is equally important to avoid legal or ethical troubles. 


Are AI Nudifiers Legal to Use?

The legality of AI Nudifiers depends on your location and jurisdiction since many areas have banned the usage of AI nudifiers, while some areas consider the usage of AI Nudifying tools legal. Therefore, to avoid legal troubles, it is important to look at the rules and regulations set by the jurisdiction in your country or area before accessing the AI Nudifier tool. 

Can AI Nudifiers be Used to Create Explicit or Pornographic Material?

Yes, AI Nudifiers can be used to create explicit or pornographic material as these tools contain an undressing feature through which you can remove clothing from any image. It also allows users to create pornographic content in different poses, actions, appearances, locations, and much more using advanced AI technology. 


AI Nudifiers tools are impressive AI-powered platforms that can easily remove clothes from your images and transform them into a Nude image. However, with the high potential of ethical and legal issues associated with such platforms, it’s important to use them responsibly with proper permission and consent. Above, we have listed some of the best free AI nudifier tools that you can use to undress your images easily.