Big Data Quotes of the Week

“The world is one big data problem. There’s a bit of arrogance in that, and a bit of truth as well.”–Andrew McAfee

“…one of the most exciting parts of the LinkedIn platform and the LinkedIn ecosystem is that the more members we attract, the more deeply they become engaged, the more data is being generated.  And that data can be leveraged to create more relevant experiences for our members and better return on investment for our customers. Data really powers everything that we do.”—Jeff Weiner, LinekdIn  

“CIO Journal has spotted billboards for Big Data along the side of the road — in Times Square and on Highway 101 — bringing to mind Joseph Kennedy’s anecdote about knowing it was time to get out of the market when he started getting stock tips from his shoe shine boy. But of course technology doesn’t really work like that.”—Michael Higgins

“Big data is going to being to be a big issue for electric cars. One of the keys to electric vehicle success is ensuring the grid can support them, especially as vehicle counts grow, and that adopters have absolutely seamless user experience.”–Clay Luthy, IBM

“It’s amazing how much data is out there. The question is how do we put it in a form that’s usable?”–Bill Ford Jr., Ford

“I don’t think of video first as big data, but you can leverage it as big data. There are huge business use cases for this. Not only can I use it one time in a business situation, but how can I do all the things you think of when you think of big data? I can search it, and I can analyze it.”–Rebecca Jacoby, CIO and SVP of Cisco

“There have always been law practices that have addressed data privacy. But there’s this new area of practice, big data, that in the last year or two addresses the evolution of how data is being used. It’s changing quickly.”–Ken Dreifach, Rapleaf and ZwillGen