Top 8 Free Erotic AI Chatbots of 2024

Erotic AI chatbots are excellent AI-powered platforms capable of acting or imitating a particular character or real person and engaging in conversations with users based on that character’s personality. These tools allow users to explore their imagination and create unique storylines and scenarios. 

Recently, Roleplay AI chatbots have witnessed massive growth in the AI industry. These tools allow users to customize the bot and engage in fun and interactive conversations, becoming one of the best pastimes for many users. In this article, we will discuss 8 Free Roleplay AI chatbots that you can access in your free time and engage in interactive chats.

What Are Roleplay AI Chatbots?

Roleplay AI Chatbots are interactive bots powered by Artificial intelligence that allow users to customize the bot and engage in unique conversations. Roleplay AI chatbots are specially designed to learn and adapt human-like interactions, making the tool perfect for users exploring unique storylines and scenes through texts. Unlike a regular chatbot, Erotic AI roleplay bots can act as a particular character and generate responses based on that character’s personality to make the conversation interesting and fun. 

Top 8 Erotic AI Chatbots

1. Candy AI 

Candy AI is an excellent Erotic AI chatbot that allows users to engage in fun and exciting conversations with Male and Female characters. This tool is trained using advanced deep-learning and AI technology through which you can have a heartfelt and passionate relationship with the girl or boy of your dreams.

Users can take their chatting experience to the next level on this platform by engaging in different erotic role-play chats. Candy AI includes various AI model options in realistic and animated styles for different age groups and personalities. This tool allows users to create their own ideal AI Girlfriend and choose from various physical features, personality traits, and charming quirks. 

Key Features: 

  • Allow users to engage in unique roleplay scenarios and storylines with AI models.
  • Users can create their ideal AI girlfriend by choosing styles, appearances, personalities, etc. 
  • It contains AI Models in both Anime and Realistic styles.
  • For a more personalized experience, users can request Images from their desired AI models in different locations, such as gardens, parks, balconies, etc. 


Free plans are available, paid plans begin at $9.99/month. 

2. PepHOP AI

PepHop AI is an erotic AI chatbot platform with No Filter that allows users to engage in erotic and intense conversations with a diverse range of AI characters. This is a perfect platform for those users who want to engage in unfiltered conversations with virtual characters in a roleplay setting as PepHop AI caters to adult and non-adult themes. Therefore, users can explore a variety of different storylines on this platform and explore their deepest darkest fantasies without any restrictions. 

Users can even generate a personalized AI character on PepHop by customizing its avatar, personality, character definition, and more. This way users can feel more connected to their AI character and have an enhanced experience online.


  • PepHOP AI contains a diverse range of pre-designed AI characters ranging from Anime heroes to game characters to anything you desire. 
  • Users can create a custom AI character by selecting a personalized bot avatar and character definition based on individual preferences. 
  • It offers a user-friendly interface.
  • Users can engage in role-play and explore a variety of different storylines effortlessly.

PepHOP AI Pricing starts at $4.99 per month.

3. DreamGF

DreamGF is another impressive Roleplay AI Chatbot that contains a wide range of AI model options with whom users can engage in role-playing scenarios. This tool is specially designed to fulfill all your needs and expectations. DreamGF has revolutionized the traditional approach to dating.

DreamGF tool allows users to engage in explicit and deep conversations with different AI models and create an AI Girlfriend of their choice by customizing their personality, outfits, and more. This way, users can create their dream AI model and engage in adult RP chat by following different roleplay storylines on this platform. 

Key Features: 

  • It offers excellent customization options through which you can create your dream partner. 
  • A variety of AI model options are available. 
  • Users can ask for Images on Demand from their AI companion. 
  • It also allows users to receive voice messages for a more enhanced experience. 


Free Trial available, paid plans are mentioned below: 

Bronze Plan Silver Plan Gold Plan Diamond Plan 
$9.99/month $19.99/month $49.99/month $99.99/month 

4. Replika AI

Replika AI is one of the leading chatbot companions powered by artificial intelligence. This platform can understand your thoughts and feelings, track your mood, learn coping skills, calm anxiety, and much more. Replika combines a neural network, a machine learning model, and scripted dialogue content. 

Replika AI is a perfect platform for anyone looking for a friend, girlfriend, or connection to talk to. You can form an actual emotional connection, share a laugh, or get real with an AI that’s so good it almost seems human. You can create your own unique chatbot AI companion, help it develop its personality, talk about your feelings or anything that’s on your mind, have fun, calm anxiety, and grow together.

You also get to decide if you want Replika to be your friend, romantic partner, or mentor and engage in different roleplay outlines with them. Overall, Replika AI is a perfect chatbot where you can share all your thoughts and emotions with your virtual companion without any stress or judgment.

Key Features: 

  • With this chatbot, you can explore your relationships and find the perfect companion for yourself, including a friend, partner, mentor, etc. 
  • Users can conduct video calls with their virtual companions whenever they want to see a friendly face and share their thoughts and feelings with them effortlessly. 
  • Replika AI is available 24/7 and users can access this tool wherever they want. 


The monthly plan of Replika AI begins at $7.99.

5. Character AI

Character AI is an AI-powered platform that contains a wide range of AI characters in numerous categories such as Anime, Games, Politics, Comedy, and much more. This tool allows users to talk and engage in free AI roleplay conversations with a variety of AI characters for free. Character AI contains an easy-to-use interface through which users can create a new character for themselves by customizing the character based on their preferences and then engage in conversations with them and perform roleplays.

This tool also contains Assistant characters that can help you with anything. The best part about this tool is that users can engage in conversations with more than one AI character at a time without any restrictions. 

Key Features: 

  • This platform is capable of generating human-like responses providing an interactive experience to all its users. 
  • Users can engage in conversations with different AI characters at once almost like a group chat. 
  • Character AI allows users to create their own AI characters with their desired persona and characteristics and then engage in conversations with them. 


Character AI offers a free plan, while the premium plan begins at $4.99/month. 

6. Janitor AI

Janitor AI is a revolutionary AI chatbot designed to take your conversational experience to a completely new level. If you are looking for engaging roleplay, fun conversations, or a virtual friend then Janitor AI is the perfect chatbot for you. This AI tool contains powerful AI characters that possess rich backgrounds and lifelike personalities. 

Janitor AI is trained using advanced AI technology that ensures every conversation between the user and the chatbot is genuine and captivating. It allows users to unleash their creativity through role-play conversations that blur the lines between imagination and reality. With the AI chatbot, users can explore various scenarios and embark on exciting narratives. 

Key Features: 

  • This tool generates genuine human-like conversations and allows users to engage in roleplay with AI characters. 
  • It contains a wide range of AI characters with unique personalities and backgrounds. 


Free plan available. Paid plans start from $5 for premium features. 

7. Chai AI

Chai AI is one of the best AI roleplay apps through which you can discover chat AIs from around the globe and speak with them to discover their capabilities. It contains a personalized stream of AIs based on what you like, who you speak to, and which conversations you engage with the most. Not only does this platform allow users to chat with a variety of different AIs, but it also encourages users to create their own AI chatbot by adding an avatar, name, category, etc, and engage in conversations with them.

The stand-out quality of Chai AI is that you can effortlessly access this AI chatbot on your iOS and Android devices. Users need to simply install the Chai App on their smartphone, sign in using their email address, and begin chatting with their AI friends instantly.  

Key Features: 

  • It contains a wide range of AI characters with different personalities and backgrounds. 
  • It includes a personalized stream of AIs based on your preferences. 
  • Users can create their own chatbot by providing their desired name, category, avatar, etc. 


A free plan is available with limited features. Paid plans begin at $9.99/month and allow access to advanced features and capabilities. 

8. Crushon AI

CrushOn AI is an excellent NSFW AI chatbot that offers a wide range of AI character options to talk to and engage in deep and fun conversations with. The AI characters available in this platform can help keep your company, offer emotional support, and provide a great interactive experience online. 

Whether your desired characters are from anime, comics, movies, TV shows, or stage shows, you find them all here in CrushOn AI. Apart from emotional support and deep conversations this tool also offers Roleplay, allowing users to experience roleplaying with different characters by engaging in various scenarios and storylines. You can create unique stories, characters, and worlds with your OC, and also get personalized recommendations for movies, books, music, and games on this platform. 

Key Features: 

  • This tool contains a wide range of AI characters. 
  • Users can perform roleplay with different characters and engage in numerous storylines and scenarios.
  • Provides an interactive experience. 


Standard Plan Premium Plan Deluxe Plan 
$1.8/month $4.5/month $15/month 

9. Muah AI

Muah AI is an AI-powered chatbot that allows users to chat, exchange photos, and voice interactions with your AI Companion. This tool is powered by cutting-edge GPT4 and advanced AI technology to provide users with the best chat experience. Muah AI provides a seamless and immersive experience, providing endless possibilities for virtual social interactions.

One of Muah AI’s key features is uncensored chat, through which users can engage in conversations about anything and everything with the AI chatbot. It also allows users to role-play and perform various scenarios and storylines with AI characters. 

Key Features:

  • This tool allows users to engage in uncensored conversations without any limitations. 
  • Muah AI is capable of remembering conversations; therefore, all your past chats are saved and can be continued on the platform. 
  • It contains good privacy measures and provides a safe and secure environment to its users. 


The pricing plan of Muah AI begins at $9.99/month. 

10. Tavern AI

Tavern AI is a unique adventure atmospheric chatbot that encourages you to make the story. This platform provides a completely free will to its users to create their own adventure by chatting with different characters and generating new and different storylines that fit their fantasies. 

This tool allows users to select and choose different types of characters that they can pretend to be and generate conversations based on them. Tavern AI contains various characters that are specific stories, such as Adventure games and detective tales, that users can utilize. Overall, Tavern AI is a great AI chatbot for users who are into creating storylines and prefer choosing characters and adventures themselves and having fun with them. 

Key Features: 

  • Users can create their own storylines and choose their desired adventures on this platform. 
  • This tool allows users to choose and play any character you want. 


Tavern AI offers a free plan with limited features. To access advanced features on this platform, users can subscribe to its premium plan available at $4.99/month or $29.99/year. 


Are Erotic ChatBots Safe and Secure?

Yes, most Erotic chatbots follow good security and privacy measures that keep the conversations between the user and the chatbot private and don’t share it with any third party providing a safe and secure platform to all its users. 

How do Roleplay AI Chatbots Work?

Roleplay AI Chatbots are trained using deep learning algorithms and advanced AI technology. This tool analyzes the user’s input, and based on that input, the AI chatbot generates an appropriate response based on the pre-defined personas, algorithms, and patterns. 


Roleplay AI chatbots are impressive AI tools that allow users to customize their bots and engage in fun and interactive conversations with them. This way, users can explore a variety of storylines and scenarios on these AI chatbots for entertainment and a creative outlet. Above, we have mentioned the top 8 free roleplay AI chatbots, with their key features and pricing, that you can explore to engage in conversations with entertaining characters and storylines.