LinkedIn Ranking of Data Scientists

Data Science Professionals

  • DJ Patil

    DJ Patil 

    Data Scientist in Residence at Greylock; Diverse experiences in a wide range of domains.

  • Monica Rogati

    Monica Rogati

    Senior Data Scientist @ LinkedIn; Hands on, no-nonsense data science generalist.

  • Nicholas Wakefield

    Nicholas Wakefield 

    Data Scientist and Data Warehousing Advisor.

  • Peter Skomoroch

    Peter Skomoroch 

    Principal Data Scientist at LinkedIn; My mission in life is to create intelligent systems that help people make better decisions.

  • Chris Pouliot

    Chris Pouliot 

    Director, Algorithms & Analytics at Netflix

  • Kurt Brown

    Kurt Brown

    Director, Data Science & Engineering Platform at Netflix; My passion is the marriage of business and technology.

  • Matthew Pasienski

    Matthew Pasienski 

    Associate Product Manager at Ooyala; I bring a rigorous analytical perspective to organizations trying to do more with data.

  • Jacque Istok

    Jacque Istok 

    President, Professional Innovations, Inc; Jacque Istok serves as a key technologist inside of EMC DCD, (formerly Greenplum, Inc.).

    Note: LinkedIn does not explain how it came up with this ranking.